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  • #1959 is looking for more writers, especially in Episode Guides.

    Now that the length of a TV season, especially for genre shows, is now shrinking to meet the average length of what I call a “BBC season”, does anyone want to pitch in on this stuff and grow the episode guides? I’m covering things on the “retro” end of things, but sometimes our episode guide section is almost too accurate a mirror of What Earl’s Watching, which it was absolutely never meant to be – it was meant to be a rival to IMDb in the early days of IMDb doing a shitty job of covering television. And I think it could still be that, but it’d take more than me pitching in to do it. My current focus is on UK stuff and ’70s American/Canadian stuff, because those will be the next couple of books that aren’t about either Doctor Who or Star Trek.

    Also, let me put this on the table for anyone who has time to pitch in: if you write the entire guide to a certain show or subgenre and you want to organize that stuff into book form (with or without my help), I’ll walk you through the self-publishing side of things and happily loan out logo for the cover so everything is “of a piece”; you cash the checks, so to speak. I would promote it from this site and via the site’s social media channels as if it were one of my own. (Repeating, in case I wasn’t clear above: I wouldn’t be taking a cut at all; if you crank out awesomeness with the site’s logo on it, that’s the part that helps me out by boosting the next book.)

    It’d be great to have some more cooks in the kitchen to bring things current with what’s going on in SF and fantasy now. There are also some major, major shows that are conspicuous by their absence (I’m looking at you, X-Files and Game Of Thrones and everything that’s ever been on the CW) that should be here, but aren’t.

    End of sales pitch. I can be reached here.

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