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    …or, to put it more simply, Rick Berman is on Twitter. Part of me is thinking “[insert oath sworn to deity of your choice here], fandom will tear him from limb to limb.

    qa’Pla, buddy…

    A few random tweets thus far:

    Brent, Colm, Siddig, Rene, and Conner were probably the most naturally gifted actors I worked with.

    Sometimes sloths mistake their arms for branches and fall to their deaths.

    Nice to see there are followers out there. There’s nothing as sad as being forgotten…on the other hand…

    Ok. Here I am. Come and get me. I can take it.

    I have no idea what the sloth thing is about. 😆 I’m actually hoping this will prove to be a venue for some decent dialogue with the man, maybe some insight here and there, rather than a dogpile that drives him away from the interwebs forever. There are many cases where I’d like ask, gently and politely, what were you thinking!? Though it’s interesting to note that there really isn’t much dialogue – the out-of-nowhere thing about gifted actors is almost certainly a response to a question, but he doesn’t follow customary Twittiquette by addressing whoever asked the original question. Twitter inexperience or a sign that you get one response per question before he moves on? (My gut feeling is that it’s inexperience.)

    I wish to learn more about sloths from this man. It was only during the run-up to Babylon 5 that the rules about audience interaction with the makers of a show changed, and for all of its forward-thinking, the Star Trek franchise utterly failed to grab that particular bull by the horns until, late in DS9’s run, one or two individual writers waded into those waters on their downtime.

    There’s a lot that came out on his watch that I liked, and a lot that I didn’t. I’m also aware that, once you got to the mid ’90s and the series that aired on UPN, there was a lot of interference that didn’t necessarily come from him (see also: Borg in a skintight bodysuit suddenly becomes a series regular). But virtually all of that is water under the bridge (ha! see what I did there?). Even on the ones I disliked the most for whatever reason, I’d really like the chance to ask “So what was the thinking here?”

    There’s a lot of stuff Berman, and only Berman, could answer, if only fandom can hold off on going for the jugular like he’s got a lot to answer for.

    He’s @berman_rick on Twitter. Be nice. He had a lot to do with making a show that you probably used to like, even if only grudgingly.


    On the other hand… I… uh… wow. 😆


    Ladies and gentlemen… Rick Berman, folk-rock-protester.


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