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    So on Saturday, we went to Hastings in Fayetteville to trade in some stuff and get new stuff. Boy, did we get a lot of stuff. The boy may have come home with the neatest item of all – basically, it’s a flashlight shaped like a lightsaber.

    The light comes from four very bright blue LEDs. For a relatively cheap item (i.e. cheaper than either of the sonic screwdrivers I picked up on the same trip), it’s pretty sturdy and accurate. It’s Anakin and/or Luke’s lightsaber, though the black detailing nails it down to Anakin’s lightsaber from Clone Wars and Episode III. (The packaging was Clone Wars.) They had a variety of different characters’ sabers to choose from, presumably with the correct colored LEDs. I saw Obi-Wan’s original trilogy lightsaber, a Darth Vader model, and a Mace Windu version.

    The boy really likes it even though I don’t think he understands the iconography. He loves the sound effects. It does the lightsaber power up and power down effects when you turn it on or off; no swooshy sounds for moving it around, though.

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