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    I kinda want one. From the mind (and shop) of Michael McMaster, veteran R2 builder. [YOUTUBE]

    The beloved Wall-E robot was just computer generated graphics in the Pixar movie, but fans have spent years trying to bring him to life. We visit Mike McMaster’s workshop to see his incredible life-size Wall-E, a remote controlled robot that lives among an R2-D2 droid and other pets on Mike’s orange farm.

    I love the guy’s poor long-suffering dog already. He could just…pet me…but instead…he builds robots.

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    Maybe he can make a robot to pet the dog.

    Pretty cool stuff and at a technical level I could never achieve (custom led screen for the solar charger, for example). Of course, a lot of the expertise is in prop-making, something I have no skills at all. The few times I built robots, they were ugly as hell since I am function over form kind of guy.

    It was pointed out that the bots are, basically, puppets and not autonomous machines. Slight dig on the filmmakers part but the builder took no offense (he agreed completely). My projects were more on the autonomous side and that was my downfall since my skills in that area were rudimentary. In the first phase of one project, I was able to hook an Atari Joystick directly to the robot and controlled it remotely (I quickly grew tired of the remote controlled robot). The second phase had my Atari computer talking to it and, although I wrote a couple programs to move the robot, I didn’t get very far (the project, not the robot).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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