Konsplosion 2015 – September 11/12/13, Fort Smith, AR

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    Currently mulling this one over. Due to the table prices, I have always done Konsplosion as a guest speaker and not a vendor. Also, I’ve noticed in the past that there are vendors there with wares much closer to what I’d be trying to sell; it’s kinda like trying to sell games at OVGE when everyone else is selling the same games. It’d be a pretty expensive roll of the dice.

    As far as the guest speaker thing goes… refer to my comment on GlitchCon. I’m just not sure I have anything to say this year. That, and I’m much more interested in making money. The half-hour-to-an-hour I’d spend rambling would be a half-hour-to-an-hour that I’m not manning the table and trying to sell things.

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