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    Oooooookay, didn’t see this coming. To be filmed in the UK rather than Australia. And that’s not even the biggest surprise.

    K9, the world’s most famous robot dog traverses the dimensions of space and time to become the latest robot star of the big screen!

    Having made his TV debut nearly forty years ago in the 1977 Doctor Who TV serial “The Invisible Enemy” K9 went on to become one of the most iconic characters from the BBC series.

    A new look high tech K9 for today’s cinema is being prepared for film stardom.

    The film “K9-TIMEQUAKE” has been written by one of K9’s original creators; Bob Baker, a renowned writer of classic Doctor Who serials. Bob went on to co-write with Nick Park the Oscar and Bafta winning Wallace & Gromit series of film shorts as well as the feature film The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

    The new K9 will be appearing in a multi-million dollar movie which promises to be a great action adventure set in deep space. The film will be full of dashing heroes and heroines, androids, monstrous aliens and an ultimate foe who will also be familiar to Doctor Who fans everywhere; the megalomaniac OMEGA.

    The film is to be a UK co-production with exteriors filmed overseas and studio work planned for the UK.

    K9 is the perfect character to star in a movie with a whole new bunch of action heroes making this a home grown Star Wars come Guardians of the Galaxy style cinema must see film.

    The film is currently slated for release in 2017 which will be K9’s fortieth birthday!

    K-9’s got some new armor too…

    While still not a BBC-approved production, Bob Baker is, as co-writer of The Three Doctors, within his right to use Omega as a character…but he probably can’t identify Omega specifically as a Time Lord.

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    I wonder what led to this. They struggled to get the first series of episodes made, took years off while they tried to get another series into production, and now it’s turned into a film. I wonder if its legal reasons or just not enough interest to get financing that’s drawn this out for so many years.


    I think it’s probably lack of interest/financing. While I look forward to this on the same lovely cheesy level as all the Doctor Who-in-everything-but-name direct-to-video spinoffs of the ’90s, I’m half-expecting there to be another announcement next week – this time about a Kickstarter campaign. 😕 Apparently when this was announced at the Doctor Who Appreciation Society’s convention yesterday, the showrunners were a bit vague on where the money’s coming from…which makes me think this could join the third Cushing flick “Doctor Who vs. Scratchman” in the pantheon of Doctor Who-related movies that never got made.

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    Bringing K-9 back to the Doctor Who universe would have been really entertaining if it were with Matt Smith’s Doctor – he would have had the personality that they would have played well with each other. Peter Capaldi’s Doctor started out much grumpier in his first season, he’s mellowing out a bit more now, but I’m not sure the dynamic would be there. Although adding K-9 back to the show would probably lighten the show up a bit, which would be good.

    I always bring up K-9 coming back to Doctor Who. Sorry. It’s just that he was such a useful character, back before they wrote the Sonic Screwdriver as a deus-ex-machina device. It was handy to have an exposition-spouting portable supercomputer that could instantly analyze anything and kick its butt if it was hostile.


    I’m still sticking by my proposal to pair him with the War Doctor in the audios. Just for the sheer WTF factor. 😆

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