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    Paul Tams says to DoctorWhoNews.net [LINK]…

    K9 series two is still in the works with over half the finance secured, given the world’s economic climate that is quite an achievement so far. The new year will see further developments there. Series one has gained momentum in other territories, Russia, Turkey on ATV and the Cartoon Network across Asia and still appears on Disney XD. I can reveal that an upgrade to the new look K9 has been done which we are very happy with.

    We have also been very busy with the development of two other TV shows, unrelated to K9, but hopefully fans will like them, news next year on them.

    One almost gets the impression that they have, perhaps wisely, given up on trying to break it into the US market. It’s got the perception of being an obscure quasi-spinoff of an already obscure British show, which probably isn’t helping.

    K-9 crashing a bunch of Stargate conventions probably isn’t helping either, but let’s not talk about that right now

    I’ve actually got a nutty idea: every season should reboot the show. This isn’t a mean-spirited swipe toward the existing cast or characters – so help me, the kids are actually doing all right (they could do with better writers) – but once a season K-9 should get to warp to some other location or time zone and stay there for the rest of the season, having gotten some tiny breadcrumb of his memory back and acting on the information contained within. In other words – all of a sudden, have Professor Gryffen’s dimensional gateway zappy thing work for once. Now, of course, he can never find the one-armed man (i.e. learn who he is and rejoin the Doctor) due to the licensing issues involved, but it’d keep things fresh and avoid the otherwise unavoidable problem that these “teenagers” are going to look college-age by the time a second series starts filming.

    Hopefully they’ll secure the remaining funds from everyone buying the new K-9 action figures this month. 😆


    From the back cover of Bob Baker’s autobiography:

    Among his recent work, Bob has just finished the first 26-part series of the regenerated K9, currently showing on the Disney Channel and Channel 5 and is gearing up for a second series in the coming year.

    Steve W
    Steve W
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    Who knows if they’ll ever get around to a second series of the show, but the Professor from K-9 was on the second episode of Almost Human, scanning a sexbot before being gunned down by its bosses/pimps. I know that he’s Canadian, but it was still weird hearing him speak in a North American accent rather than the British one he used on that show.


    Posted today on the official Facebook page:

    First Teaser of 2014…..much more to come in coming months.

    If the tease is spread out over “the coming months”, of which there are only 9.5 left in this year, I’m going to wager that series 2 doesn’t happen until 2015.

    One season of K-9 per incarnation of the Doctor, basically, since the first season rolled out alongside Matt Smith’s first season.

    Steve W
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    It makes me think about the episode The Power Of Three with all the little black boxes covering the planet. When one starts hovering in the air in front of the Doctor, he says something like “floating around in midair? I used to have a dog like you”. The original K-9 units never did that, it makes me wonder what he was referring to…

    If they do pull a rabbit out of a hat and actually produce a new season, I wonder if they’ll get the same cast back (since the Professor seems to have moved back to Canada) and the kids are noticeably taller and older looking. Since they more or less concluded some kind of story arc in the season finale, I wonder if they’ll send the character into another dimension or amongst another group of ‘meddling kids’.


    @Steve W wrote:

    I wonder if they’ll send the character into another dimension or amongst another group of ‘meddling kids’.

    I think that’s exactly what they should do – reinvent the show every season. Then you don’t have to worry about the fact that the actors who were “kids” in the previous season are now middle-aged because it takes that long to get financing together for another season of a running show in Australia.


    Guess what?

    Go on, guess.

    Series producer Paul Tams has reported to us that there will shortly be an annoucement over the future of K-9, who appeared in his own series back in 2009.

    The announcement will be made by him and K-9 co-creator Bob Baker at the DWAS convention Back to the Eighties, which takes place on the 24th October.

    More vague teaser announcements!

    My prediction: Big Finish will team new/cute/flying K-9 with the War Doctor in his audio series*.

    * no, not really

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