J. Michael Straczynski’s newest show?

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    To me, it sounds like a tweaking of the concept of Heroes. And now their show might be running alongside the relaunched Heroes Reborn. It’s a guessing game which one will stink worse.


    Here’s the trailer.

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    Okay…… I have to say, I’m intrigued. It’s not Heroes, that’s for sure. It’s as if a randomly chosen group of eight people across the planet suddenly developed a hive mind. I don’t know why anybody would hunt them, necessarily. I don’t have Netflix, though. I hope they put it up on iTunes, too.


    It’s official: Sense8 moves on to Season2. [LINK]

    The sci-fi program, which tells the story of eight strangers around the globe who are connected through shared visions and thoughts, has a strong social base, which is something that Netflix has said has value when determining whether or not to bring a series back. The renewal comes a few weeks after Sense8 producers told critics at TCA that they were optimistic the series, which was among the streamer’s first to go to Comic-Con, would return.

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    Despite my earlier negative comments (or, perhaps, because of them), I’ve started watching the show.

    It’s helluva better than I expected. No doubt there is some group/force/conspiracy/government working to control/destroy/imprison these people but they’ve avoided the cliches so far. Or, at least the painful ones.

    The series reminds me, in a way, of Cloud Atlas. No coincidence, I’m sure, as the Wachowski siblings influence is clear. That’s both a good thing and a bad thing, since I have mixed feelings about Cloud Atlas. Mainly, though, the show – like Cloud Atlas – has thrown me off-balance and I’m not sure what’s going on and that keeps me intrigued. I’m four episodes into this thing and I am still intrigued.


    So, news from JMS’ panel at SDCC, in which Major Reveals were promised; turns out some of the Major Reveals are about his eyes. [LINK]

    Starting around 2003, he notices increasing trouble with his vision. His doctor told him what his multiple problems were:
    – very nearsighted (as he’d been since a child)
    – early onset cataracts and
    – a rare genetic disorder called Fuchs Corneal Dystrophy

    He showed us some slides of what happens to the eyes and what his vision progressed to looking like (picture the dirtiest windshield that still lets light in) and that he had to have a huge magnification and contrast in order to see only a few words at a time. Unfortunately, current treatments could help the cataracts OR the Fuchs but not both and things kept getting worse until a new treatment came up from a doctor in Portland about a year and a half ago. JMS now has 20/20 vision in one eye and 20/25 in the other – and wasn’t wearing glasses at all! Which is why his comics output slowed down.

    Next JMS talked about Rising Stars being optioned by MGM for a feature film. The outline was approved last week and he should be starting to write the script this coming week. There’s hopes that this is only the first movie for this franchise.

    Next he talked about Sense8 filming right now. He reviewed the cities filmed in last year and mentioned some of (Italy, Sao Paulo, Copenhagen, Los Angeles) the locations that they’d added this year. JMS did mention the two-hour Christmas Special and that the rest of the season would follow not long after.

    And then came the announcement that Midnight Nation will be done as a TV series with Gale Anne Hurd and Universal. JMS will start writing the pilot in probably two weeks. In answer to a fan later on, JMS said that he’s broken out the first season already and worked out a ‘B’ story about the main character’s former partner looking for him. The ‘A’ story will be exactly as it was originally written. He’s planning on writing the entire first season.

    B5 movie: JMS said that he’s still working on building up his ‘street cred’. He figures that once he’s got one, maybe two TV shows and maybe another movie go into production that he’ll have the credibility to ask investors for a hundred million dollars. He figures that he could probably get 60M or so but that’s not enough for a proper B5 film.

    My immediate reactions: Midnight Nation is an incredible comic, one of my all-time favorites, and I have often thought of it in the context of recent events such as the Black Lives Matter movement, Syrian refugees, and whatnot. If you’ve never read it, it involves a “shadow dimension” whose demonic denizens “steal” people from our world, such as the homeless, victims of abuse, etc., who people have turned away from and stopped noticing because the sight of them is simply too uncomfortable. They become “invisible” to us, residents of the Midnight Nation. It’s a really cool idea. I’m stoked to see it coming to TV with JMS himself adapting it.

    I’m okay with the B5 movie/reboot being no closer to happening than it was before. Just re-damn-master the original damn series to HD damn specs already…while the film elements can still be restored.

    The Sense8 Christmas Special? Unless Harvey Korman shows up and plays multiple roles, and Diahann Carroll sings a song in a VR headset, I’m sitting this one out. 😆


    I had completely forgotten that they’d already revealed the existence of a Sense8 Christmas special…to the point that I saw this today and said “Wait, what!?” 😆 [LINK]

    Just in time for the holidays, Netflix has announced premiere dates for the special Christmas episode of Sense8, as well as the launch of the second season of sci-fi thriller series’ executive produced by Lana Wachowski, Grant Hill and J. Michael Straczynski. Sense8: A Christmas Special premieres globally on the streaming service Friday, December 23 at 12:01am PT. Meanwhile, Sense8 season 2 launches globally Friday, May 5 at 12:01am PT.

    I admire JMS greatly, but can this be anywhere near as good as the Max Headroom Christmas show?

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    Despite adding the star power of Sylvester McCoy to the second season, Sense8 has been deep-sixed by Netflix. [LINK]

    The streaming service confirmed on Thursday that it would not be moving forward with the sci-fi drama from The Wachowskis. “After 23 episodes, 16 cities and 13 countries, the story of the Sense8 cluster is coming to an end,” said Cindy Holland, Netflix’s vp original content.

    The decision to not order additional seasons of Sense8, which first debuted in 2015, comes a week after the streaming giant canceled The Get Down, its ambitious music drama from Baz Luhrmann, after only one season. The moves mark rare ones for the streamer, which has renewed the vast majority of its slate as part of an aggressive push into scripted originals. Other Netflix series to be canceled include Marco Polo, Lilyhammer, Hemlock Grove, Bloodline and A&E pickup Longmire.

    News of the decision also comes a day after Netflix founder and CEO Reed Hastings told CNBC at the Code Conference that he thinks the content platform hasn’t canceled enough shows.

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    Oh, but wait. [LINK] Netflix is at least giving the show a wrap-up special.

    After pulling the plug on the sci-fi drama earlier this month, co-creator Lana Wachowski announced in a statement posted to Facebook that the streaming network has ordered a two-hour finale special set to be released next year.

    The move follows an outcry from the show’s fans, who were disappointed at Netflix’s decision to cancel the series and leave the story without a proper ending. Netflix originally stood by its decision, posting a statement to social media that acknowledged the swell of support for the series but held firm on its fate.

    Netflix added in a statement via a spokesperson to CNN: “After seeing that the cancellation was a total cluster, we decided to give Sense8 fans the ending they totally deserve.”

    Cluster…I see what you did there, Netflix.

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