Infamous ‘Star Trek apartment’ to be demolished

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    So many snarky comments I could make, but I’ll hold my tongue [LINK]…

    STAR Trek fan Tony Alleyne spent ten years turning his flat into the interior of the Starship Enterprise — but must now rip it out because his ex is selling up.

    Tony transformed the one-bedroom flat to look like the famous flight deck — with a computer console, flashing lights and even “transporters”.

    He built it himself — and says it would cost at least £100,000 to do it again from scratch.

    Tony, 58, is getting a divorce from wife Georgina who owns the flat in Hinckley, Leics, and wants to sell.

    Tony said: “To say I’m gutted is an understatement. It is my life’s work — and it looks like it’s going into a skip. I admit there were tears.”

    Georgina, 52 — who has paid the mortgage since they split in 1994 — said: “I want to sell it as conventional property.”

    Another (much earlier) article clarifies some things [LINK]…

    After his wife left him, Tony Alleyne set out to create the ultimate bachelor pad, painstakingly turning his flat into a Star Trek set. The 500-square-foot apartment features voice-activated lighting, LED lighting, running lights, air-conditioning – but no bed. A few years ago Mr Alleyne suffered from sciatica and was advised by his GP to sleep on the floor. “It cured the sciatica and gave me the opportunity to convert the bed area into the Transporter area,” he says. “Bed space is overrated.”

    On the plus side, the experience allowed him to set up his own interior design company, 24th Century Interior Design. However, it also bankrupted him. “I was convinced Trekkies all over the world would want a house like mine and pay me to do it,” he says. “But I was wrong and just overstretched.” This didn’t deter him, as he continued on the Voyager refit, funding the work using his benefit payments.

    Two points come to mind:

    I’m not sure the bed would ever see action anyway. And I’m interpreting that last sentence correctly, this would be like me using my unemployment checks to turn a room of my house into the TARDIS – I mean, I suppose you could do that, but I don’t think it’s the intended use.

    His interior design website is still operating here. He’s still waiting on that first customer to call and turn everything around…

    Really, the situation kinda sucks. I think the guy’s got issues that aren’t confined to his sciatic nerve. He’s got mad amounts of talent – seriously, look at the place – and probably would’ve gotten some paid commissioned work by now, or should’ve been able to parlay this into a set design career somewhere, except that there’s a bit of a creep/loser factor that’s hard to shake.

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    Wouldn’t he be useful as a set designer? Just saying….

    “You can not operate in this room unless you believe that you are Superman, and whatever happens, you’re capable of solving the problem.” – Gene Kranz


    And now there’s another “Star Trek crib” out there. [LINK]

    You’ve got $30,000 to spend upgrading your home. Do you buy yourself a boring redecoration or do you try something a little more unusual?

    If you’re a “Star Trek” fan and your name is Line Rainville, you build yourself a woman-cave that Spock himself would dig more than the prehistoric ice cave on the planet Sarpeidon.

    The Canadian social worker is a diehard fan of the original, 1960s-era “Star Trek” series, and recently overhauled her basement by transforming it into something that looks like it came right off a Desilu Productions sound stage.

    She has re-created parts of the Enterprise bridge, transporter room, recreation room, observation deck, and even Spock’s quarters in her home in Notre-Dame-des-Prairies, Quebec, about an hour north of Montreal, birthplace of The Shat.

    It’s not quite the same as the UK guy in that it’s not the whole house, and it wouldn’t be the first time someone’s done a home theater setup Star Trek style. Still, not bad.


    And another Star Trek dream home – possibly more elaborate than the UK apartment. [LINK]

    He didn’t think it was highly illogical to shell out $30,000 for the 14-year project on his house, which he bought in 1986.

    “I have six rooms downstairs that are Star Trek-themed rooms,” he said. “Right now my favorite room is the Federation room – and I sleep in the Klingon Ambassador quarters.”

    Doman still has a couple more rooms to complete and figures he’ll be 73 when he’s done.

    He said he grew up with a learning disability and struggled socially.

    “Since then I’ve been fighting to be someone, to show people I’m a normal human being,” he said. “My Star Trek hobby is the first time I’ve done something just for myself, the first time I’ve put myself first.

    “Some people think I’m crazy for destroying my house like this, but generally people are just darn surprised.”

    You know what, dude? You’ve worked your whole life. You’re either retired or semi-retired. You’ve paid for the house. Go nuts.

    I love the room that looks like a DS9 Runabout up there. Filming needs to be happening in this place.

    I hope the house is at least partially solar, though. 😆


    Another impressive home theater room on the market… [LINK]

    We’re headed to Boca Raton, where a 20,000-square-foot mansion with a “Star Trek wing” has hit the market once again. This time, it’s asking just $30 million.

    Tricked out by Star Trek fan and entrepreneur Marc Bell — known for buying Penthouse Magazine and Adult Friend Finder — is letting go of his starship-themed wonderland. And oh, yeah: there is a pretty sweet mansion attached.

    Bell initially slapped his home on the market in 2014, asking $35 million, and now it is back with a $5 million discount, according to Curbed.

    Designed by architect Randall Stofft, the villa features a full-scale Borg model and a model of the bridge from the Enterprise, which serves as a home theater. Other geeky amenities include a Call-of-Duty-themed video game room, retro arcade, 16 bathrooms, resort-style pool with waterfalls, wine room, gourmet kitchen and a full basketball court.

    Bell paid just $7 million for the home in 2011.

    Pretty neat. I got about $6.75 on me…bit rich for my blood.

    This is the closest you get to seeing the “retro arcade” – look way back in the background.

    I may actually like this better than the Enterprise bridge home theater.

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    I have to admit…. in some of the rooms, there is definitely a “classic adult” theme.

    “You can not operate in this room unless you believe that you are Superman, and whatever happens, you’re capable of solving the problem.” – Gene Kranz

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