I should just build a blaster beam.

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    So, I fixate over this sound all the time. Thought occurred: mostly empty house. I’ve been getting things set up so I can get back to recording my own music, something that’s been back-burnered for so many years that one could be forgiven for forgetting that it’s something I used to do all the time. I could, just, you know… build my own blaster beam.

    Apparently someone out there is thinking the same thing too, though the web site chronicling their progress has been at a standstill for years. (Likely because the thing is a huge sink of time and money, one imagines, and probably better suited to someone who has actually had metal shop classes, but hey, it’s fun to dream.) 😉

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    A couple thoughts on this:

    You may want to ease into the project instead of trying a full blown replica of the blaster beam. By that I mean build at a smaller, cheaper scale first just to get a feel for the project. For example, instead of buying a professional pickup from a manufacturer, find someone with a crappy electric guitar they want to trash and recover the pickups from that. You could also use the posts (whatever their real name is) that hold the strings at each end of the guitar. As for the beam part, you may want to check out what the local scrap yard or surplus yards have. Or perhaps what’s in stock at your local Grainger store (there’s one in Fort Smith).

    The beam part is the expensive part, I think. I found a site that sales steel C chennel that’s 15″ wide. Cost for a 12 foot piece would cost in the neighborhood of $367. [Link]. Aluminum C channel is hard to find on the Internet (for me, anyway). I found this site that sells a 6 inch wide channel that’s only 8 feet long at about $112. Cheaper but smaller.

    I have no idea where you would get the extra long metal guitar strings since they are usually only 2 feet long. That may be a custom order or you may have to just get a spool of industrial cable and see how that works. The musical quality may not be great but, if you have no other choice, worth a shot.


    Actually… there may be an easier solution.

    And by a solution, I mean a cheat. Something I once did in my radio days. Something I could probably recreate.

    Recipe: 1 decent microphone, 1 metal swing-arm microphone mount (say, an old radio station mic arm), 1 screwdriver.

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    I used to love the Blaster Beam-like sound when I’d strum on the stretched springs on a garage door. Maybe use that to build something similar and see how practical it would be. It should be easy to find those coils in junk yards or old abandoned houses.

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