I had no idea merchandise was still being made for this show…

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    So, I went to a place in Mesquite, TX called Ollie’s Bargain Center a couple days ago. While heading up to the register I walked through the toy section, and shockingly, I found several Space:1999 Moonbase Alpha model kits. They were right next to the Deep Space Nine Cardassian ship models. I looked all over the place for any Space: 1999 Eagle model kits, but unfortunately found nothing. Ollie’s is kind of like Big Lots, where they buy up huge amounts of inventory from companies who either need to make a buck quickly (loads of Marvel and DC graphic novels for example), or from companies that have gone bankrupt (I was at the grand opening and they had bought massive amounts of Toys R’ Us inventory, I went a week and a half later and huge swaths of it was gone – sold at a far cheaper price than Toys R’ Us could ever go down to). The store always has odd, entertaining stuff to buy. For example, what I’m assuming is a re-issue of an old Space: 1999 Moonbase Alpha model kit. The only bad thing about the store is that they barely bother to straighten the place up. I’ve been to both locations here in DFW and they’re both incredibly messy.

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