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    You have to pay over $15 to get anything that isn’t a spinoff (i.e. various flavors of Dalek Empire), but the Colin Baker lost stories are worth at least that much. [LINK]

    Dalek Empire 1.1-1.4
    Invasion of the Daleks, The Human Factor, Death to the Daleks, Project Infinity

    Dalek Empire 2.1-2.4
    Dalek War Chapter One, Dalek War Chapter Two, Dalek War Chapter Three, Dalek War Chapter Four

    Doctor Who: Legacy (Game)

    Pay $15 or more to unlock!

    Doctor Who – The Lost Stories 1.1-1.8
    The Nightmare Fair, Mission to Magnus, Leviathan, The Hollows of Time, Paradise 5, Point of Entry, The Song of Megaptera, The Macros Featuring the voice of Colin Baker

    Pay more than the average of $11.34 to unlock!

    Dalek Empire 3.1-3.6
    The Exterminators, The Healers, The Survivors, The Demons, The Warriors, The Future Featuring the voice of David Tennant

    Support doctors! Get your fill of Doctor Who while helping out doctors. That’s right, you can choose to put your money towards the publisher and Doctors Without Borders, which helps people worldwide where the need is greatest, delivering emergency medical aid to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, or exclusion from health care! If you like what this bundle has to offer, a tip to Humble Bundle is just what the Doctor ordered!

    The Lost Stories were originally written as TV scripts before the season for which they were written was scrapped in favor of Trial of a Time Lord (what were they thinking?!?).

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    Yup. Will snag it up and download it this evening from work. I take it you purchased it already, right Earl?


    I have all of these titles from waaaay back. The first series of Dalek Empire was released circa 2001; the most recent release, the Lost Stories, were from ’09. So nothing terribly new here. All of Tennant’s voice work from Dalek Empire predates his becoming the Doctor and fighting Daleks on TV by at least a year.

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    I’m not surprised. The Humble Bundle usually consist of older releases and older catalog titles. The publishers have made their profit off ’em, so a little bit to charity won’t hurt.

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    Added books:
    The Stageplays 1: The Ultimate Adventure
    The Stageplays 2: The Seven Keys to Doomsday
    The Stageplays 3: The Curse of the Daleks

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