Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum founder arrested, indicted

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    One of my favorite things about my SF fandom is that it keeps my childhood alive. If you’re using it to take others’ childhoods away from them, you are a monster. [LINK]

    Since the beginning of the year CEO and Founder of the Hollywood Science Fiction Museum, Floyd “Huston” Huddleston, has been almost entirely silent on social media, mystifying the Science Fiction and Horror fandom community. Well, now the fans have their answer.

    It turns out that Huddleston has been incarcerated at the Pitchess Detention Center in Castaic, CA since April 24th facing a number of charges related to child pornography. He is being held pending a $750,000 bond ahead of a June 12th, 2018 trial date. Huddleston has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

    Huston has been a regular exhibitor at comic conventions across the country and especially in Southern California, where their reproduction of the Star Trek: The Next Generation bridge was used as a fundraiser for the Museum. The bridge had originally been restored through a Kickstarter which had raised nearly $70,000. More recently he had acquired a set of life-sized wax statues of four of the Star Trek original series cast members and held another Kickstarter which raised $16,000 to pay for their restoration. The statues premiered at this year’s WonderCon in Anaheim.

    Some longtime volunteers have come forward to distance themselves from Huddleston and resign their positions

    Additional information. [LINK]

    What’s troubling is that we’re seeing reports of people claiming that Huston, through various means, is selling donated props from the Museum on various auction websites in order to raise money for his bail.

    Makeup artist Gigi Bannister, who worked on Phantasm IV: Oblivion and Phantasm: Ravager wrote in a Facebook comment, “I’m fielding inquiries on this end too from Horror and Phantasm Phans asking about an exclusive set of Phantasm II sphere props that we think Don Coscarelli had to have donated and then Huston SOLD! This is history we can never recover!”

    A Facebook post by self-proclaimed ex-Hollywood Science Fiction Museum volunteer Loretta Lightningbolt states that she and several other volunteers, “…discovered through our own research that museum founder Floyd “Huston” Huddleston was not on a long vacation, as we had been told back in April. We were sickened to discover he has been charged with three counts of sexual crimes against a minor, something none of us want any association with.” She then continued by stating that she and seven other volunteers have, “…resigned from our respective positions.” On top of the volunteers leaving en masse, other members of the Museum are removing themselves from any affiliation, including Mick Garris (The Shining, The Stand).

    The Hollywood Science Fiction Museum’s only comment on this situation was a tweet that posted the arrest record. Since then, the museum’s website has erased nearly every instance of Huddleston’s name and likeness. Furthermore, the Hollywood Horror Museum, which was created by the Hollywood Science Fiction Museum founders, has removed its Board of Directors page on its website.

    For whatever it’s worth, he also co-wrote an episode of Star Trek Continues, and was doing voice work for some of the fan audio productions. This guy used his lucky acquisition of former pieces of the Star Trek: The Experience bridge sets to – so we thought – start something really cool. Turns out he had his own agenda the whole time, and quite a sickening one at that.


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