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    Man, it’s been a really long time since there was a ‘zine.

    Just sayin’.

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    Zeen? Like in LimoZeen?


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    Did you do the zine via paper or electronically?

    It appears the DP Zine is dead. I can’t remember when the last one was but it seems like it’s been a year or two. I know Kid Ice was doing a lot of work on it for a while. I haven’t seen him around lately. Is he on Facebook? I like him.

    Video Game Collector magazine stopped printing on paper and switched to a pay PDF model so I had to retire from that. I enjoyed writing my “Token Appreciation” article for them but I went ahead and bowed out when they switched formats.

    I’m always down for writing something if you end up putting something together. Lemme know the scope.


    The original early ’90s ‘zine, which coincided roughly with theLogBook transitioning from a BBS/Fidonet entity to an internet entity, is archived here from scans of the original paper copies (where available). The more recent attempts, sporadic though they’ve been, are downloads only, but are formatted for printing.

    A second issue was planned for 2012, but as the ‘zine makes zero money, I decided to shelve it in favor of writing books for which I can charge money. Significant progress was made on that second 2012 issue, but it was never finished.

    Might be fascinatin’ to revisit that at some point, just for giggles.

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    Put it online as a “lost treasure” or something like that. Bonus link from your Vworp page or something? I don’t know.


    Cook up new stuff plus the unfinished 2012 issue’s stuff, and you get… this.

    I’m rather pleased with it.

    A couple of folks have asked “when’s the next one?” and I issued this challenge as an answer on Facebook:

    A couple of folks have asked if/when there’ll be another ‘zine, since there was a two-years-and-change break between the new one and the last one. So I’ll draw a line in the sand and see who wants to cross it: as it says down the side of the “staff” page in the back, folks who like the ‘zine can donate directly to’s hosting. That doesn’t hit my pocket at all, it just offsets the hosting and domain renewal costs – or, if there are enough coins dropped in the virtual hat, pays for it altogether. Those renewals are due in May of 2015, by which time I should be done with WARP!1 (the next book). If I don’t have to stop writing the book to fund-raise for the site’s hosting and domain renewal, I’ll go straight from the book into working on the next issue of the ‘zine, which would ideally be out in July 2015. The next issue is a blank slate – I have a vague theme and the skeleton outline for one thing jotted down, but no articles, no writers lined up, no empty layout. If’s renewal is paid for without me having to put more quarters in the meter, I’ll go straight from the book into working on the next issue.

    What say you?

    I *almost* added another tier a la Kickstarter that would’ve triggered a spring issue before a summer one, but let’s look at some of the variables – job situation, baby situation, and the fact that if I had written an entire 74 pages of ‘zine myself (which almost happened, but didn’t thanks to Flack and Rob Heyman, and Robert Parson’s amusing “cooking” page submitted for the lost 2012 issue), that’s about 1/7 of a book I could be selling outright. I did try to monetize this issue to a certain extent, with absolutely no expectation that it’ll pay off. We’ll see what happens on the “throw a buck or two at the site’s hosting if you want another issue” front.

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