He’s back, and boy does he look… bisected??

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    You heard me right – the most kickass Sith apprentice to come out of the prequel trilogy is back this fall on the Clone Wars ‘toon.

    Sith boy in the hood

    The real question becomes… how in the Force is he gonna manage that? Last time we saw Darth Maul, everything below the waist was disconnected from everything above the waist, like a late ’70s Meco action figure whose rubber band snapped and let the figure fall apart.

    This guy broke the rubber band

    Is Sidious getting greedy? Dooku not cuttin’ it for him, so he needs two apprentices? Does he have a permit for that?

    Why yousa not bringing meesa back agaaaaaaain?

    Also, Sam Witwer (BSG’s Crashdown) is voicing Maul for his ‘toon appearance. Sam knows how to do Star Wars – he was already Starkiller, Vader’s conflicted apprentice in the Force Unleashed games. (The LogBook says he was also Sloth #3 on Star Trek: Enterprise, but hey, a guy’s gotta bring home the bacon… like a sloth… somehow.)

    Smart money says: be watching for Maul to pop up during November sweeps.

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