Harlan Ellison suffers a stroke

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    Put the nursing staff on hazard pay, stat. [LINK]

    Robert Meyer Burnett ‏@BurnettRM
    Harlan Ellison has suffered a stroke. He’s currently hospitalized and resting comfortably. Here’s to a speedy recovery.

    A disclaimer: my child is not named after this man. 😛

    Steve W
    Steve W
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    From what I’ve heard, he’s looked like he’s been dead for years. He was at Walter Koenig’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star award ceremony and the afterparty, and Koenig’s son-in-law, comedian Jimmy Pardo, joked on his podcast about how he looked like a pale shriveled corpse with dark glasses on. I haven’t seen a picture of him in something like a decade and a half, and he looked terrible back then. It makes you wonder if he even has the strength to pull out of it.


    Strength, probably not.

    Just flat out failing to die on account of being a stubborn SOB…I’m pretty sure this is about to be scientifically verified.

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    Not good news. My mom died from a stroke recently (well, actually several strokes over a four month period) and it was not pretty. The last stroke, that ultimately killed her, impaired her ability to speak. She couldn’t find the right words and couldn’t form whole sentences. It was bad.

    Harlan may have similar problems. If not speech impairment then at least loss of strength in his arms, legs or an entire side of his body. It’s possible that he may recover; Kirk Douglas got a major stroke in 1996 and he is still alive and kicking (he’s 97 years old. OMG!).

    As you can tell, the thought of a stroke scares the crap out of me.

    EDIT: According to this article his right side is paralyzed. Nothing new since Tuesday, however.

    ANOTHER EDIT: This article has some encouraging news: “Ellison expects to spend several weeks doing physical therapy and then be released.” The article also says he is gaining movement in his right arm.

    That’s indeed good news.

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