GlitchCon 2013 – August 23/24/25, Springdale, AR

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    Year three for GlitchCon – year two for me at GlitchCon. Already getting the paperwork filled out.


    Definitely on for this one – by the skin of my teeth. Whew.


    I will be doing a solo panel at GlitchCon: the early history of video gaming.

    Basically – it’s my OVGE setup as an interactive history lesson. Magnavox Odyssey, Atari Video Music, other weird and rare stuff will be hooked up; some will just be on display (though I’m strongly considering having all of the AC and RF adapters with me, and a few cartridges, just in case there’s an overwhelming demand to see a particular machine in action). People will be encouraged to get their butts outta their seats and come play the stuff. It doesn’t sit there and play itself with an attract mode.

    The con is being very accomodating to me – so much so that I’m not even sure what night I’ll be doing it (and it’ll have to be a night, since I’ll be parked at a vendors’ table all day), they’re still looking at the schedule. I was hoping to do more than one panel, but it looks like my requirements for this one (additional setup time/breakdown time) may be back-breaking. 😕

    I’m also making arrangements with Arkadia Retrocade to do more or less the same presentation there as well, possibly the same weekend but possibly not. It may be during the week sometime the week after Glitchcon, and it all depends on how solidly the party room at Arkadia is booked up.


    Here’s a local TV news report on Glitchcon this past weekend. ‘Twas quite a show.

    Steve W
    Steve W
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    How were your sales at the convention?

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    1,000 attendees eh? Pretty decent. I attended Bubonicon (local Science Fiction convention) this past weekend and they claimed an attendance total of about 900 (which included 100 of their volunteers, staff and guests – wait. You don’t count those!). The “flea market” section was much smaller than I expected (I’ve only done video game conventions before so my expectations are a bit off) maybe 12-15 tables.

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