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    …there’s a sheet of 24k gold with a Pac-Man screen shot embossed on it, authorized by Namco Bandai. [LINK]

    “In honor of PAC-MAN’s 35th anniversary, a limited run of only 35 gold plates will be created with production serial numbers of authenticity.”

    “Reproduced in Astonishing 3-D Detail” – their caption, not mine

    The official “Golden PAC-MAN” plate
    captures the in-game action
    of the arcade blockbuster through
    electroforming technology.
    This allows for incredible detail
    with a 3-D feel of everyone’s favorite icon
    PAC-MAN, Ghosts, and the treasured Power Pellets.
    The 24K gold plate’s authenticity is marked with the official
    guaranteed seal of GINZA TANAKA Japanese jeweler.

    Bets on how long all 35 of these will be sitting in their boxes on a shelf in Japan?

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    If I’m reading the price right, I’m seeing the price of 350,000.00 Yen, which according to XE, translates to $2,900. Sorry, but I have better uses for $2,900 than a golden knick-knack.

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    Yep…I think I’ll pass. 😆

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