Fan who impersonated Nimoy/Spock dies

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    And no, not impersonating in a creepy/bad way. The resemblance is kind of uncanny. [LINK]
    Spock but not Spock

    Roy, 73, began doubling as Spock actor Leonard Nimoy more than 20 years ago, appearing in adverts and at Star Trek conventions.

    The animal lover, who had four pet cats, has left his £75,000 flat to the Cats Protection League.

    Roy was well known internationally as the most convincing Vulcan impersonator. He said: “I have no competition. Anyone can don a black wig, stick-on latex ears and pointy eyebrows, but I even sound like him.”

    In 2015 Nimoy died of a lung disease caused by smoking shortly after telling fans “learn my lesson, quit now”. Several months after his passing Roy claims the actor’s ghost also warned him about the dangers of nicotine. Sadly Roy, of Kitts Green, Birmingham, was diagnosed with lung cancer just months ago.

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