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    I’m a volcano nut. I love reading about them, learning about them, watching them on webcams and thinking “C’mon, just one little pyroclastic fart, just for me, while I’m watching.” And there’s a blog for that! Several, actually, but my favorite is consistently Erik Klemetti’s “Eruptions” blog, which has changed locations several times in the past few years. Considering all the legwork that goes into migrating years of content every time the thing moves, I can’t imagine what keeps him on the move so much.

    Eruptions has now landed at’s “Wired Science Blogs,” which hopefully means he’s experiencing an eruption of money out of the deal. He’s still working on importing the older content. Already up is the definitive link list of live volcano webcams around the world – the site’s worth a visit just for that.

    Klemetti’s style is very user-friendly. He’s not afraid to get into the hardcore science of volcanism, but he also frequently expounds on media-generated “bad science” regarding volcanoes, volcano monitoring, and almost-universally-repeated fallacies regarding the relationship between major earthquakes and eruptions (in short: same root cause – plate tectonics – but almost no direct connection). It’s fascinating stuff. I almost want to move off to Denison University just to get into his classes.

    You can find Eruptions 4.0 (or maybe it’s up to 5.0, I’ve lost count) here.


    Another reason why Eruptions is awesome: the author explains which volcano he’d pick to build an Evil Secret Volcano Lair. You know, if he was prone to doing that sort of thing.

    I bet a certain penguin would agree with his reasons…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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