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    Eh… I dunno. [LINK]

    Engage: The Official Star Trek Podcast is a weekly celebration of the most iconic franchise in the galaxy. Aimed at both delighting fans that have been tuned in since the first broadcast, as well as reaching the Trek-curious who aren’t quite sure where to begin, film critic and author of StarTrek.com’s One Trek Mind column Jordan Hoffman will feature guests, interact with enthusiasts and argue the minutiae of this beloved universe.

    I’ve tried to give this a chance, repeatedly, and something about the host just hits me wrong. My points of reference for Star Trek podcasts are Continuing Mission (a nicely-done, interview-centric show) and, of course, Mission Log. Mission Log’s hosts are reassuring and funny without overdoing it; when they crack each other up, it cracks me up because it’s usually actually funny (and therefore fun).

    The first couple of episodes of Engage…the host is not un-knowledgeable about his topic, but there seems to be a presentation style of “oh.my.god. Star Trek is actually COOL! I’ll show you how cool!” (“I’ll show them! I’ll teach your grandmother to suck eggs!” – Ren & Stimpy, the Happy Happy Joy Joy Song) And it just doesn’t impress me.

    Am I just listening to this in the wrong frame of mind?

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    I listened to Episode 0 and I didn’t have any major deal breaking issues with the podcast…yet. The two guys talking did have quite a bit of energy throughout the broadcast and, at times sounded like spastic fanboys.

    The only major issue I had was when one of them made the claim that Deep Space Nine was the first show – other than soap operas – that had long story arcs. Uh, hello? Ever heard of Hill Street Blues? Or Twin Peaks (hell, the whole series was a long ass story arc)? Not to mention Babylon 5 which was designed from the very start to be a long story arc spanning the entire series. In fact, the first two season of DS9 were basically episodic without any real arc until the season 2 finale when they finally introduced the Jem’Hadar.

    That alone can tell you that the host’s fanboyism fogs his judgment about, well, anything he talks about on the show. To be fair, that meant he was a perfect candidate for CBS and this podcast since the network doesn’t want anyone to say anything negative about Star Trek. So, in effect, Engage is the AtariAge of Star Trek (minus the cool graphics).

    So Earl may be right on this one but I want to listen to one or two more episodes before I declare that the fanboyism is over the top.

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