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    In another thread quite a while back, we were talking about the proposed fifth-season refit of the NX-01 Enterprise. I am totally in love with that idea.

    Eaglemoss has made a 7-inch-long (!) die-cast version of the NX-01 refit as part of their subscription starship series (which is really expensive). But you can also buy them individually. Combine that with Mission Log’s 15% discount code (mentioned in the latest show), free shipping, and a slightly larger than usual paycheck and… I’m getting one.

    Still pricey, but just look at it.

    Only after placing my order did I realize… I actually don’t have any miniature versions of the NX-01, anywhere. It was post-Playmates and post-Micro-Machines. It’s the only Enterprise I don’t have in some kind of miniature form.

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    But I hate the refit version. They’re trying too hard to make it look like the NCC-1701. The NX-01 was a perfect precursor to the Constitution Class. And so many of the models of the NX-01 are the refit versions. It’s pretty disappointing.


    Pretty sure they also have a non-refit version, as did Art Asylum/Diamond Select Toys. I missed those when they came out.


    It has already arrived. Very nice little model.

    I have it flying “in formation” with the original 1701; I doubt these are anywhere near the same scale.

    The little stand is kinda tricky – there’s only one way it really fits and supports the model, and there’s no documentation. You have to find it for yourself.

    The base is at least weighted, so as ungainly as it looks, it won’t tip over.

    Pretty pleased overall.

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