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    2013 will mark the 20th anniversary of the premiere of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. 20 years. Ouch.

    But whereas the 20th anniversary of TNG’s premiere was met with a very muted not-quite-celebration, I’m fully expecting DS9’s anniversary to go completely unremarked, except by the diehard fans. After all, as far as Paramount’s concerned, the franchise has been rebooted, and the sell-by date on this little show that concerned itself with religion and politics and war and terrorism is long past. I mean, even among Trek fans, DS9 is the dark horse. Why raise a stink about it?

    Never mind that DS9 is probably the one Trek series that is most relevant in this day and age.

    I’m not expecting the studio to suddenly ditch the Abrams films and revive DS9 or anything, but DS9 was probably the last consistently good Trek series. None of this “Well, it picked up in the fourth season right before it got canned!” crap – there was stuff to like about each season.


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    That is true, although it suffered from Star Trek Disease, which was that the first two seasons were fairly clunky and awkward. Whereas DS9 wasn’t badly hobbled by that and rose above it in spectacular fashion, Voyager never really seemed to elevate itself above that level other than sexier cast changes. DS9 was a pretty compelling show to watch, although I found some of the religious and political episodes a little dry and dull for my tastes. The tension ratcheting that each season took building up the Dominion War story arc really saved the show from mediocrity. There’s only so many stories you can tell from the confines of a space station, Babylon 5 notwithstanding.

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