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    …but he’s going to be available on DVD next week. [LINK]

    The game that gobbled up a nation’s quarters while its hero gobbled up those annoying Ghost Monsters spawned sequels, spin-offs, toys, games and more. Taking note of Pac-Man’s avid fan base, famed carton studio Hanna-Barbera hit upon the idea of adapting the game for Saturday morning animation – becoming the first video game to make the jump to TV. Kids were immediately enraptured and a score of other arcade favorites soon followed Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man and Baby Pac-Man from the gaming console to the cathode ray tube.

    In this 2-Disc, 13-Episode collection, Pac-Man does battle with Inky, Blinky, Pinky, Clyde and Sue, the Ghost Monster minions of the dreaded Mezmaron, who lusts after Pac-land’s precious power spheres. Aided by his plucky and charming wife and son, Pac-Man saves the Pac-President, confronts the vampiric Pacula, discovers the Abominable Pac-Man and more. Pac-Venture awaits – no quarters required!

    Presidential Pac-Nappers/Stuck Up/Picnic In Pacland
    The Great Pac-Quake/Ghost Galore/Hocus-Pocus Pac-Man
    Southpaw Packy/Canned Canine/Pac-Baby Panic
    Pacula/It’s A Hole?/Trick Or Chomp
    Super Ghosts/Hose Of First/The Pac-Man In The Moon
    Invasion Of The Pac-Pups/Gimme A Hand/Journey To The Center Of Pacland
    The Day The Forest Disappeared/Animal Magnetism/Sir Chomp-A-Lot
    Neander-Pac-Man/Kite Ride/Backpackin’ Packy
    The Abominable Pac-Man/Keep In Step/The Bionic Pac-Woman
    Chomp-Out At The O.K. Corral/Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye/Once Upon A Chomp
    The Pac-Love-Boat/Stacked/The Great Power-Pellet Robbery
    A Bad Case Of The Chomps/On The Noggin/Goo-Goo At The Zoo
    The Pac-Mummy/Balloon Pie/Nighty Nightmares

    I’m probably going to have to get this, since my son is such a huge fan of the Pac-Man cartoon.

    Now just try to go the whole day without lusting after someone’s precious power spheres.

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    All I remember about that show is the odd “working man” design for Pac-Man and the Larry Storch-like voice acting (or was it actually Larry Storch?). I think I’d rather play with a Ceti Alpha 6 brain slug than watch the cartoon again.


    Now if whatever studio held the rights to the Saturday Supercade cartoons can release those, this will be a happy house. 😆


    Me and the boy are watching this DVD set right now. Previously, I had rips that someone had captured from the either the Boomerang channel or Cartoon Network, which was pretty much the only way to get one’s hands on it.

    The picture quality is better than the rips that have been floating around out there, plus: no channel ID “bug” in the corner. Now, when I say the picture quality is better, I mean that it’s better than the craptastic 400×300 video files that I had previously. There’s still significant variance in brightness, contrast in and, for a couple of episodes, even the color palette is a little “off”. But as this is a burn-on-demand title, it’s probably not realistic to expect any kind of real restoration work.

    Also, there are little 30-second “Pac-Mania” shorts that were apparently omitted from any and all syndicated repeats down through the years, probably in the name of cramming 30 more seconds of ad time down our throats. I haven’t seen the Pac-Mania shorts since the cartoons first aired on ABC.

    Since it’s from Warner’s burn-on-demand service, it’s pretty no-frills: no extras, and the cover was obviously printed-on-demand as well, since it has “jaggies” on the front cover, as if the cover image was a JPEG at a lower-than-professional-print resolution. (I know that Tim Snider, who was writing for Classic Gamer Magazine at the same time I was, had a collection of actual cels and painted backgrounds from this show – surely Warner could’ve put some feelers out there to see if there was better material available?)

    I was really surprised to see that the DVDs had color screen-printed artwork, rather than something generic. Since the discs are circles, they have yellow Pac-Men printed on them along with “Disc 1”, “Disc 2” and the appropriate copyright info. There’s also a notice that the discs will probably not play correctly on PC drives; they’re right about that. If your PC is the hub of your entertainment center, including doing double duty as a DVD player, you might have a problem.

    Non-official digital copies of the second season (which featured Super Pac and “P.J.”) are much harder to come by than the first, so hopefully Warner will put the second season out there someday. I’d much rather have official stuff from the vaults than crappy copies.


    Season 2, including the special Christmas Comes To Pac-Land, are now available as well. [LINK]

    Priced at $18.95, this release includes a special bonus installment: the “Christmas Comes to PacLand” 1982 primetime special with Santa Claus voiced by none other than “Optimus Prime” himself: Peter Cullen (and Frank Welker, who plays “Megatron” in the original Transformers show as well as the current Transformers Prime, voices “Morris Reindeer” in this special). As of this writing the new title, a manufacture on demand (MOD) release, is only available to U.S. A. customers from the studio’s WBshop online store.

    If I’m not mistaken, Frank Welker was involved with the Pac-toon from day one, as the voice of Chomp Chomp.

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