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    Holy crap! I’m tempted just for the shock value to some of my friends.


    It has already been pointed out in the I Grew Up Star Wars group on Facebook that, since Bea Arthur was the cantina bartender in the Star Wars Holiday Special, this is borderline Star Wars merchandise. Expect to put up a fight. 😆


    The individual Dark Crystal figures have been revealed. Is it just me or do some of these figures look like they might have just jointed arms and necks?

    Man, I’d forgotten how much that episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures, with the vulture people who were trying to abduct the Doctor by way of Sarah and Jo Grant, um…”borrowed” from the Skeksis.


    The Dark Crystal stuff is starting to show up in stores now…and Funko has now announced an ET box set for January.

    There’s a glow-in-the-dark ET variant for Entertainment Earth.

    Also, to my son’s delight, they’ll be doing Five Nights At Freddy’s next year too.

    (I really hate Five Nights At Freddy’s. How is that even a game?)

    Now, the big news may be the news that isn’t even out there yet: Funko has gotten the license for Stranger Things, and is already showing off the [ridiculously ugly super-deformed] Vinyl Pop figures for that show. I’ll be very disappointed if we don’t get some real live Stranger Things Kenner-style figures – since the show is already steeped in all things retro, it would be a nearly criminal omission to miss that opportunity. And face it, we all want an action figure of the Demogorgon. Hopefully with a little lever or button that opens its mouth-petals. I don’t ask much.

    Steve W
    Steve W
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    Honestly, I wouldn’t know where on Earth to go and buy these things in person. Hastings was my go-to for that kind of thing, and they’re gone (or are they? I haven’t driven past one of their stores in weeks, maybe a few are still hanging on).


    I have to admit that my interest in the ReAction figures has been in keeping them packaged as individual characters; in that context, my interest in ReAction actually drops exponentially as they lean more and more toward box sets (Golden Girls, E.T., Dark Crystal, the Aliens Queen/Ripley/Exoskeleton set). Those are really cool…if you’re opening them. The (admittedly very strangely specific) decorating project I have in mind hinges on single-packed figures. I’d even be strongly tempted by the WTF value of the Golden Girls if they were single-packed. Sigh. I guess they were losing way too much money in that format, though, especially given how much places like Hastings were marking them up. 😕


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    Our Hastings that closed has been purchased by Vintage Stock. That’s certainly a best case scenario.


    I’d be surprised if VS corporate wasn’t eyeing Hastings’ leftover inventory like a hungry animal. Hopefully they’ll be more reasonable about pricing it all…


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    There definitely would be a lot of overlap. Our local Hastings was split into thirds. The left third of the store consisted of movies and video games, and the right third was all books. The middle third started off as the music section, but also included all the collectibles. I think they’ve always carried musical instruments and accessories there (mostly guitars and guitar straps), but over the past year they added flat screen televisions (a move that struck me as desperation).

    With a bit of shuffling, you’ve got probably 2/3 of a Vintage Stock in the making. The main thing they would need to do is swap all the real guitars out for plastic Rock Band ones. 😉


    Just revealed by Funko: Twin Peaks action figures.

    Holy crap. It’s Bob! And the corpse of Laura Palmer. 😯


    Revealed this morning at the New York Toy Fair: Funko ReAction Batman ’66 3 3/4″ figures and Batmobile. DO. WANT. VERY. BADLY.

    Seriously, you guys wanna know what I want for my birthday or Christmas this year? There’s your list right there.

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