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    Check these out and try not to drool a bit.

    These are part of a wider series of Kenner-style figures that Bif Bang Pow! is doing, including classic Universal monsters, Back To the Future, Firefly, Goonies, Buffy, and Terminator.

    Probably a good thing I don’t have disposable income at the moment. It’d probably be spent on this stuff. 😕


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    I went to Vintage Stock over the weekend and they are overflowing with these retro action figures. The big brand I know of is ReAction — I think they’re the ones doing the Terminator and Back to the Future and Firefly figures, but they had the Twilight Zone ones too. If I didn’t mention this before, a few weeks ago I bought the “there’s something on the wing” figure and he’s currently mounted on a wing (of a TIE Fighter, but the devil’s in the details…)

    MSRP for all of these figures is $9.99. I suppose you have to factor in small production runs and inflation, but it just seems a little high for me to collect them all. Plus, Vintage Stock marks everything up 30% approximately, so they’re $12.99 on the shelves there (plus tax). The other problem is they never seem to have full collections in the store. If I’m going to buy the Aliens figures I want all four, not “all of them except Ripley and the alien”.


    ReAction has just announced the following lines for 2015:

    Fifth Element
    Aliens (featuring a Queen)
    Rocky Horror Picture Show
    V for Vendetta
    Fast Times at Ridgemont High
    Big Lebowski
    Fight Club
    Big Trouble in Little China

    Fifth Element, E.T., A-Team, Big Trouble… I’m in. Maybe Rocky Horror too. And they better overproduce the crap out of The Dude, because everyone’s gonna want one of those.

    Bif Bang Pow, who make the Twilight Zone 3 3/4″ figures, will be doing a line of Flash Gordon figures in that scale next year, based on the 1980 movie. I am ALL IN for that.

    Steve W
    Steve W
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    Big Trouble In Little China and also Fifth Element figures? Dammit, I guess I’ll have to start collecting toys now.

    Is anybody putting pics on the internet of interesting dioramas with all these same sized various action figures?


    I must admit: I haven’t taken any of mine out of the packages.

    I have two characters each from Back To The Future, Firefly, Twilight Zone, and Alien. I might get more Firefly at some point (especially if they’ll make the whole crew – *cough*Shepherd Book*cough*).

    My whole point in getting these is to put together a pegboard somewhere like Flack’s setup, and intersperse them with the Star Wars vintage-card figures I picked up on clearance over the past few years. Actually what I’d love to do is find one of the rotating wire rack POS displays and put a replica of this (or something inspired by it) on top, and just have it in my room to help keep my inner six-year-old alive. You know, when my two-month-old and my seven-year-old are wearing me down and making me feel old. 😆


    Aaaaaaand Funko/ReAction has landed a classic Star Trek license for the 3 3/4″ figures. Surprise!


    Gentlemen… I have preview shots.

    There are SO MANY of these images that I’m going to split them off into separate replies, given phpBB’s notorious per-post image limit (which even I can’t override).

    Be ready to lose your s@#t. And your wallet.

    Fifth Element


    I haven’t even watched Arrow, despite the fact that John Barrowman is a regular; I just really don’t have much of an interest in WB/CW’s daisy chain of “reinventing DC Comics superheroes” shows. But it’s really interesting that the studio opted for these as the official action figures, when they could have held out for something more detailed/lifelike/accurate.

    More in the next post.


    I must apologize in advance to Flack, whose entire budget will be lost to this next section. LET’S COOK IN THE BOWELS OF THE DEATH STAR, MR. WHITE!

    Breaking Bad

    Taxi Driver

    Taxi Driver? The hell? Are you…playin’ with me? ARE YOU PLAYIN’ WITH ME?

    The Karate Kid


    Terminator 2

    They already released Governor Ahnuld with T2 branding in the first round of ReAction figures, so this was inevitable. They’re nicely done though.

    And here’s what Steve has been waiting for. I gotta say… nice spread of characters here, I was expecting fewer of them.

    Big Trouble In Little China

    Holy crap, guys, we’re all gonna go broke. We need to form a consortium to buy them by the case, bring the price down, sell the spares at conventions.


    Also! Also! One more. A tip-of-the-iceberg hint that Big Bang Pow has another wave of classic Twilight Zone in the works.

    Steve W
    Steve W
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    I’m wondering if they were trying to look like ’70s and ’80s action figures with the terrible faces and paint jobs. I’m guessing that was what they were shooting for. I find some of those figures…. offputting.

    Where’s Wang Chi from Big Trouble In Little China? It’s been established that the idea behind the movie was that Jack Burton thinks he’s the main good guy when in reality he’s just a sidekick. Wang Chi is the real hero, he should have a figure. I’ll still pick them up if I ever come across them, regardless.


    @Steve W wrote:

    I’m wondering if they were trying to look like ’70s and ’80s action figures with the terrible faces and paint jobs. I’m guessing that was what they were shooting for.

    Oh, it’s exactly what they’re shooting for.


    It was my understanding that the Big Trouble, Fifth Element, etc. figures wouldn’t be out until May, but I happened to spot the Big Trouble figures at the local Target store today. They were in the same area as the super-deformed-head “Pop Vinyl” figurines, which are also made by Funko. (Really don’t get the fascination with those, but I know otherwise level-headed people who are simply nuts over the Pop Vinyls.)

    Steve W
    Steve W
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    I don’t understand the appeal of those Pop Vinyl things. They’re just ugly.



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