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    Sign me right the hell up for some of this action. [LINK] I think DS9 is the best Trek after the original series, and has, much like Babylon 5, gained more relevance than it had while it was on the air.

    Creation Entertainment’s massive Star Trek 50th Anniversary Convention took place in Las Vegas over the weekend where Deep Space Nine showrunner Ira Steven Behr revealed he was working on a DS9 documentary.

    During the convention — and in an interview with Trek Movie — Behr revealed he’s been working on a documentary for a couple of years now, and that he’s managed to get some of the original Deep Space Nine writers to beam aboard, including Ronald D. Moore and René Echevarria. The documentary will explore what DS9 was really about and what the series meant for the franchise and culture. Sounds good, right?

    Behr also revealed that as part of the documentary, he gave the DS9 writing staff the task of breaking the story for the premiere episode of a hypothetical Season 8! Apparently, the writers also went on to map what they would like to see on the show’s “eighth season.” The documentary will also feature interviews with many of the cast and crew — except for Avery Brooks (Capt. Benjamin Sisko), who has declined to take part in it.

    Kinda bummed that Avery Brooks is sitting out this round, but at the same time, it kinda enhances the mystique of his character going off with the gods at the end of the series, so they might be able to make a net positive out of his absence. And it’s not as if his opinions of such episodes as Far Beyond The Stars and the series finale aren’t well known and can’t be discussed.

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