Craig Ferguson’s little-known sci-fi appearance

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    Go to the episode guides and search for his name. Go on, it’s good for a laugh. There’s even a picture.

    I don’t suppose he’s ever run a clip from that appearance on his show, has he? 😆

    Steve WSteve W
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    Don’t even need to look. He was Confidence on the Red Dwarf episode Confidence and Paranoia. I only connected him to that role a few years ago after hearing the commentary track to that episode, mentioning he was much fatter and bloated because he was a raging alcoholic at the time, but had cleaned himself up and moved to the US. It must have been inbetween the Drew Carey Show and his talk show.

    He did a pretty good American accent in that episode. I didn’t even know he wasn’t an American until that commentary. And yet he couldn’t do a good British accent for the Drew Carey Show, something he readily admits on his comedy CD. And the man loves Doctor Who, another reason to respect the guy.

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    Like Steve, I knew right away you were talking about his role in Red Dwarf (which so happens to have been his very first role on TV) back in 1988. Don’t forget he was also Susan the Boil on Futurama (he was the voice for the boil on Leela’s rear end). He was also an extra in the movie “Lemony Snickett’s A series of Unfortunate Events”. It wasn’t until the second time I watched the movie that I noticed it.

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