Craig Charles would like to be the first black Doctor Who…

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    …but he can’t because RED DWARF IS BACK NEXT YEAR, BABY! [LINK]

    The Coronation Street actor – who is already a sci-fi icon in Red Dwarf as Dave Lister – said he would be up for becoming the first black actor to play the Time Lord.

    While he admitted the chances were slim, Charles said it would be an honor to hop from Starbug to the TARDIS.

    “Yeah, having a black Doctor Who would be double cool,” he is quoted as saying in Purple Revolver.

    “To be asked by the Beeb would be great, it’s such a classic show.

    “But I think there would probably be too much cross-over with Red Dwarf, as we’ve got a new series lined up next year.”

    However, Charles added that he has never been a fan of Doctor Who’s special effects.

    “Also, I would have to grit my teeth a bit, because the thing about Doctor Who that always annoyed me was the graphics are crap.”

    Red Dwarf returned for a new series of six episodes on Dave last year, and is expected for a new run in 2014.

    No one else involved with the show has confirmed, denied, or gone “oo ‘eck, he’s spilled the beans” as yet.

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    First off, he might be too old for the role. One of the reasons they keep going so young is because the film schedule is so grueling, you have to be young and vibrant to pull it off. And I don’t think he can pull off a posh London accent. Honestly, I can see him being really interesting in the role, playing a character far different than what we’ve seen him do before (but then I’ve never watched Coronation Street).

    What I want to see is some kind of special where so many of these actors that keep getting their names bandied about for the job could play the Doctor in a Red Nose Day type of program. Just let him (or her) do the character for ten minutes in a mini-adventure, then move on to the next. Kind of the way that I’ve heard over the years that after David Lee Roth ‘left’ Van Halen they tried to get lots of different singers until they ended up with Sammy Hagar. I’d love to have one Van Halen album with all of those choices doing one or two songs. That would be fascinating to me.

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    They could do something like that when Matt Smith transforms to the next Doctor: The regeneration goes wrong and the Doctor rapidly changes into all sorts of different forms of the Doctor. Briefly, he becomes Helen Mirren, Craig Charles, John Hurt, Rowen Atkinson and so on. Make each transformation long enough to make people think “Will it stop here?” and then move on. In fact the first new Doctor should appear in a way to shock people into thinking – briefly – Helen Mirren is the new Doctor? and then slowly shift into someone else. To make it even more confusing they could including the audition tapes of some of the actors they were seriously considering to replace Matt but changed their mind at the last minute.

    I think it would be awesome if they did that or something close to it.

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