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    Apparently, since it’s not being “broadcast” except through iPlayer, no one else is tuning in either. [LINK]

    The series has failed make the list of Top 50 on-demand programmes for the four weeks ending 13th November 2016, meaning that less than 185,000 viewers have accessed the first two episodes. The highest rated programme on BBC Three for the period, and the only one to make the top 50, was Sex, Drugs & Murder: Life in the Red Light Zone, which had 247,000 watching. The biggest online programme was Planet Earth II: Islands, which had 576,000 viewers.

    It is expected that Class will be screened on one of the broadcast channels at some point, which will bring it to a much larger audience.

    Not terribly promising if they’re hoping to do a second season. Perhaps it’ll air on BBC1 or BBC2 (BBC3 is now online only due to massive BBC budget cuts) next spring alongside Doctor Who, as is the case with BBC America’s scheduling of it. Next week is the final episode of the season.

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    Gee, this sounds oddly familiar. A beloved half-century old science-fiction series gets a new iteration, the owners of it put it online instead of broadcasting it, and it gets no viewers whatsoever. Is this what you hoo-mans call foreshadowing?


    And when it does air on BBC1… it’ll be late-nights only, which fits. This show has a lot more in common with Torchwood than it does with the other kid-oriented spinoffs. [LINK]

    Senior BBC sources have said that the drama written by Young Adult author Patrick Ness will probably air after the 10pm news at 10:45pm in a weekday slot, although final details have not yet been confirmed by the Corporation.

    Sources have also suggested that the Corporation has been slightly disappointed by the drama’s reception. Class failed to make it into the list of Top 50 on-demand programmes for the four weeks ending 13th November. According to figures released by ratings body Barb at the end of last month, the first two episodes have been accessed by fewer than 185,688 viewers.

    And while it attracted some favourable reviews, the general feeling within the BBC is that it has failed to generate huge interest among Doctor Who’s enormous and committed fan base.

    This is understood to have been a factor in the BBC’s current thinking over the timing of the terrestrial broadcast. However, another major reason is the content itself, which has been described internally as “heavily post-watershed”, with one source confirming that it will “air long after the 9pm watershed”.
    In episode one, the girlfriend of Ram (Fadi Elsayed) is violently murdered, with her blood shown spattering over his face.

    I increasingly get the feeling this will have been a one-season wonder.


    After a decent, but not overly impressive, turnout for the first episode, Class has been netting an audience of only about 200,000 viewers in the UK in its over-the-air broadcast.

    I’m still guessing Class will be dismissed.

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    Class dismissed. [LINK]

    Doctor Who spin off Class has been officially cancelled by the BBC.

    Class was created to appeal to the young adult market and initially released in the UK on BBC Three, now an online only platform. It was hoped that high-quality original content would drive young viewers to the online station. However, the decision meant that Class was initially only seen by a fraction of the audience it would have received on a broadcast channel.

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