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    …is up on eBay. [LINK]

    This is only one of 2 full scale shuttles made for the series, this process vehicle comprises three separate sections and features onboard electronics to illuminate the backlit navigation panel, exterior running lights and fluorescent lights for the rear thrusters. It has hatches on the port and starboard side as well as on the top. When the production ended the control panels where stripped out so the restoration team consulted with Mike Okuda who provided his original files and schematics of the Shuttles construction using Okuda’s files, New panels where replicated by the Paramount sign shop ( The same that constructed the original panels) using the same products and materials used to construct the originals. The panels are screen printed and feature finely detailed gauges, banks of buttons and key switches and readouts. Square rubber buttons are also incorporated on some of the key pad panels. This Impressively built piece measures approx 20ft long. It unbolts in three sections. Special shipping arrangements will apply. This really belongs in a museum! The buyer pays all shipping cost! Any questions please ask… Also this is for the serious collector so no low ball offers! Thanks and LLAP!

    Isn’t this how the long journey of the original Galileo started? Someone bought the original and then it started changing hands?

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    Man, I get annoyed when people substitute “where” for “were”…

    That’s a pretty nice prop, I can imagine pushing the button on the garage door opener, the door swinging open, and a shuttlepod being inside the garage. It’s fairly impractical as far as TV show props go – like the guy said, it’s something that should be in a science-fiction museum. Along with the Galileo Shuttle.

    As far as props from Enterprise go, I’d personally love a phase pistol or a MACO rifle. That’d look cool hanging on a wall. I don’t have the desire to pay a pile of money for a replica, though. Maybe I’ll print out papercraft versions, that would be far easier for me.

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