California Extreme 2016

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    @earl wrote:

    @Steve W wrote:

    I would much rather have no music whatsoever. I love the ambient sounds of an arcade, undisturbed by random Disco and New Wave songs.

    You sound like someone traumatized by a “DJ” who blasted harsh noise (and Garageband demos) directly into everyone’s skull at deafening volume at your favorite video game expo one year. 😆

    Nope, I went to lunch and did some GameXchange shopping when he started playing. I was thinking more about the Houston pinball and arcade show my brother and I went to years ago – I’m sensitive to loud sound anyway, but they got some idiot DJ to blare ’80s pop music at decibels that would rival a Concorde Jet engine. There were a few arcade machines I wanted to play, but there was a speaker on a stand right behind them and it physically hurt to be near it. That was the worst incident, but other shows have been very similar. We’ve heard all these songs, we don’t need to hear them again, and nobody can have a conversation over it. I wish the people putting these things together would drop the unnecessary music.

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