Blood & Chrome nearly complete…but where will we see it?

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    Composer Bear McCreary has tweeted an announcement that he’s finished scoring the spinoff/prequel Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome, which is usually an indicator that things are at a pretty advanced stage of post-production. But why isn’t Syfy talking this thing up?

    There have been rumblings about the virtual sets not quite doing what they promise on the outside of the box. At the end of production on Galactica, the sets were photographed and digitally scanned for possible recreation in a digital format, for future TV shows, video games, what have you. Great idea, but apparently the state of the art hasn’t quite caught up with what they want to do: map the high-resolution photos onto the physical data from the scans, and recreate the whole thing seamlessly in the computer for compositing behind the actors. (The entire pilot was apparently shot in front of green screen.) A lot more manual finessing is having to be done than anticipated (or, likely, budgeted for).

    And the results may not really be HD-ready: despite the fact that Caprica was canned to make way for it, B&C may still only wind up as a web series.

    If they’re far enough into post that the music’s been done, I expect we’ll hear something soon.



    SyFy president Mark Stern, today

    Entertainment Weekly followed up on the leaked trailer from the other thread and found this out [LINK]…

    NBC Universal has since pulled the video from YouTube. The video resembled the trailer for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, right down to to the use of Trent Reznor’s version of “Immigrant Song,” and featured all of the robo-hunting spaceship-exploding action that the cerebral Caprica notably lacked.

    Alas, a rep for Syfy tells EW that the trailer was not officially sanctioned. And in a statement from Syfy President of Original Content Mark Stern, the network indicates that even though the pilot movie will air on the network “at a future date,” the plan is still to go web-based: “Though the vision for Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome has evolved over the course of the past year, our enthusiasm for this ambitious project has not waned. We are actively pursuing it as was originally intended: a groundbreaking digital series that will launch to audiences beyond the scope of a television screen.”

    Although it’s unfair to be skeptical about anything this early in the process, it’s hard to imagine a web series reaching the operatic heights of the lauded BSG reboot. Which means this is bad news for anyone hoping for an extensive return trip to the universe of BSG, and good news for everyone who thinks prequels are fundamentally a bad idea.

    So… a leaked trailer for a series that’s apparently not ready for prime time. On the flipside, B&C was originally announced as a web video piece, so they’re staying true to that part of it. The pilot will air on TV at some point, but the rest of the series will be a web entity only.

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    That looked like a lot of special effects money blown on something to be broadcast on the web only. This is probably Sci-Fi’s attempt at a viral marketing campaign, to try and drum up support for the new show. And it’s working, honestly. I actually want to see it to some extent. Part of me is dreading it also, in a Phantom Menace kind of way.


    My thinking is still “This better not suck, because Caprica got cancelled for this.”

    If the pilot movie pops gangbusters ratings numbers, they’ll probably revise their thinking. Again.

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    Caprica was going to get cancelled for a couple of reasons. First, people don’t tune in to a show based on a property that was originally filled with space battles and killer robots, then watch something about what it means to be human and people debate each other. Where’s the ‘splosions? Why aren’t there any toasters frakking stuff up? Secondly, Eric Stoltz was in it, which means it could not have lasted. Poor guy, he was born under an unlucky star and really hasn’t truly had a breakout role to really elevate him beyond ‘Brat-pack fringe dweller’. It started off with him being cut from Back To The Future, and has never turned around for him. Plus, he’s a ginger. There’s something vaguely alien about redhead guys – ginger girls end up mostly being hot, but the guys just look awkward and a little freak-like. Poor bastard.

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    So, the first two episodes of Blood and Chrome have hit the ol’ interwebz, and I have to say that I like it so far. It’s pretty damn impressive looking for a webisode. Nice action sequences and a young cocky Adama make it pretty watchable, even though the storyline hasn’t really gone into full swing yet.


    Yeah, I don’t have a problem with it, and I don’t see why Syfy does either, apart from that they can’t cheaply shoot it on location in the wilds near Vancouver like they try to do with everything else. 🙄


    We have an airdate. [LINK]

    The two-hour movie version of the series will debut at 9 p.m. on Feb. 10 on Syfy, featuring additional footage and scenes that were not included in the web episodes. Shortly after the TV premiere, the film cut will be released on DVD, Blu-ray and video-on-demand services on Feb. 19.

    Since they’ve already made the decision that they’re not doing anymore, I would find it satisfyingly ironic if this somehow gets the best ratings for anything ever shown on Syfy. 😆

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    I’m glad that you posted this, since I pretty much forgot about watching the last few episodes. I’d love to watch the last one, if for some reason the YouTube connection wouldn’t stall out a third of the way in.

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    So, my brother was watching Blood & Chrome on TV the other day… and he was angry about it. Mainly because they kept saying “frak” over and over. They said it so often it started to get cartoonish and drew him out of the show. I didn’t even think about how many times they threw the word into the script, I just ignored it. But it kept knocking him out of the reality they were trying to create.

    And speaking of Battlestar Galactica spin-offs, I spotted the Caprica box set (or at least I think it was the box set, might have been the pilot movie for all I know) for three bucks. What a sad way for that show’s legacy to end, piled up in Big Lots discount movie bins.


    I spotted the pilot movie at the local Big Lots on the same trip where I got the Nextbook tablet; that’s probably what you saw.

    They were getting pretty frakking silly with frak going into the second frakking season of Battlestar frakking Galactica, if you ask me. But nobody frakkin’ asked me. Felgercarb*!

    Reminds me of the Red Dwarf line from Bodyswap: “What the smeggin’ smeg is he smeggin’ doin’?”

    * invented profanity from the original series, roughly equivalent to a slang term for defecation

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