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    The thought occurred to me in the past week that there’s been very little news on the Blake’s 7 audio front since the last “season” came to an end, which seemed very surprising given that Big Finish had roped Josette Simon into doing a Doctor Who audio. Surely this was a sign that we were going to get the Blake band back together, right?

    Then I ran across a post about Paul “Avon” Darrow on another forum from earlier this year (May, to be precise): [LINK]

    Sorry to be the one to tell you this.
    Last October Paul had a aurtic anurism (may have spelt that wrong)
    Luckly a friend was staying with him, and she rung 999.
    In hospital they said that if she hadnt been there he would have been dead in half an hour, they did an operation which sorted it, but then they noticed there was no blood suplly to his legs…
    So they did another op, a bypass to give blood to his legs, but that didnt work.
    So they had to amputate one leg below the knee and the other above the knee.
    He was in hospital for 3 months.
    and is now in a wheel chair.

    However he’s now in good spirits and moved to a disabled flat.
    and is still continuing his Audio work.

    Very upsetting if true. Paul lost his wife a few years back and carried on like the trouper he is, but it looks like we almost lost him too.

    I just can’t imagine Paul Darrow in that state. My heroes are getting old. Still, it could have been much, much worse. 🙁

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    They’re…. recasting Dayna? [LINK]

    Blake's 7

    Joining the cast for the first time is Yasmin Bannerman, taking the role of Dayna, a part previously played by Josette Simon. “Of course, we invited Josette to return to Blake’s 7,” says producer John Ainsworth, “and although pleased to be invited, she declined the invitation. So, we’re delighted to welcome Yasmin as the new Dayna.”

    As it turns out, Yasmin was not unfamiliar with Blake’s 7, having watched the series when it was first shown. “My brothers and I were huge Blake’s 7 fans as kids and watched every single episode from the first till the last,” she says. “Dayna was my heroine. I loved her. In an era when very few people of colour were to be seen on TV and fewer in any positive light, Dayna was a young black woman who was smart, accomplished, courageous, driven and kick-ass! She made me so proud. Needless to say I was absolutely gobsmacked to be offered the role. My brothers are thrilled!”

    I suppose we can’t complain too much – we’re running out of time with some of the members of the show’s original cast.

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