Battlestar creator says studio owes him a few cubits

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    :toaster: From Entertainment Weekly [LINK]:

    The producer behind such hits as Battlestar Galactica, Knight Rider, and Six Million Dollar Man, among other series, filed a fraud and breach of contract lawsuit against Universal Tuesday in Los Angeles over profits from the TV shows, which he says were withheld from him. “The television shows created and produced by Mr. Larson at Universal are some of the most successful in history and many were and remain ‘cash cows’ for Universal,” the lawsuit says. “Mr. Larson is probably the most successful creator/producer of television shows in Universal’s history both in terms of revenue and critical acclaim … As the shows make more money for Universal, the deficit that Larson Productions must overcome continually increases. It’s Hollywood’s version of being a sharecropper.”

    The producer says he became aware less than a year ago that Universal’s “accounting methods made it impossible for Larson Productions to receive contingent compensation.” Therefore, not only does he demand millions in the lawsuit, he also asks to investigate Universal’s accounts.

    Universal has already responded, publicly querying how Larson could have ascertained this without an actual audit. Which would seem to go back to the second paragraph above, creating a bit of a nasty loop.

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