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    I’m a big fan of the World’s Tiniest Arcades, but I’ve also been collecting these for about the same price – bigger, bigger screens, bigger controls, nice “cabinet” artwork…and more capable of standing up to the abuse they take from the kids.

    Basic Fun

    The earlier ones were either fixed-element LED matrices (Asteroids is such a beast, very much like the fixed displays of the old Coleco mini-arcades) or non-backlit LCD screens like a digital watch (Space Invaders). More recent ones (Joust, Q*Bert, Frogger, Centipede) are full OLED screens which appear to be playing the NES versions of their respective titles.

    Basic Fun

    Ms. Pac-ManThere is a Pac-Man Basic Fun game, which is a fixed LED matrix game; I haven’t bothered with that one. The only non-OLED Basic Fun games I’ve picked up have been on clearance (you can reportedly get Asteroids at Wal-Mart for $3 right now).

    Apparently a Defender OLED game was planned, but the license lapsed before the company could work out the bugs with the control system, so it’ll never happen now.

    Next titles due out from Basic Fun are Ms. Pac-Man (thankfully, an OLED version) and Fix-It Felix Jr. (the fictional game from Wreck-It Ralph is increasingly a real thing; this is probably going to hit stores in time for the sequel). For whatever it’s worth, Fix-It Felix plays a lot like Imagic’s Beauty & The Beast for the Intellivision.

    Fix it!

    I’m a sucker for little arcade machines.

    Worf vs. Centipede

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