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    I refuse to use anything like the misleading headline that all but promises the show is coming back. I think it’s far more realistic to simply say…John would like his old show back. [LINK]

    Speaking with Comic-Con HQ Friday (July 22), star John Barrowman said that he’s currently working very hard to bring “Torchwood” back to TV.

    “I have a phone conversation on Monday to see how we can get it back on television,” says Barrowman, adding that he is not joking around. “The fans know me well enough, I’m only going to say it if I mean it and believe it.”

    At Comic-Con, Barrowman says that this bombshell probably has the people at Titan Comics “crapping their pants,” but they should actually be excited because fans need to show their support by buying the new “Torchwood” comic.

    “If you really believe in ‘Torchwood,’ get the comic. Get this series going, it’s like a Kickstarter. If you buy the comic, you’ll show your support … we need Captain Jack back on the screens,” he says.

    Sneaky rabbit. I think I smell a sales pitch. 😉

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    All they really need to do to get people interested in a new Torchwood is (a) bring Captain Jack back to Doctor Who for an episode or two, and (b) promise Russel T. Davies won’t be involved. He got lucky with Children of Earth, but everything else he did with the series was mediocre to awful. Sure, he created the series, but he doesn’t need to be involved. Hey, maybe they can collaborate with Neil Gaiman, since he’s a Doctor Who fan. And we would get characters with likable personalities and well thought-out plots instead of anything Davies would come up with.

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