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    Kinda sorta want…maybe…but kinda can’t afford. Also I have some quibbles with the content. [LINK]

    The most ambitious project in the history of Babylon 5 Books
    One creator, eleven experts and a span of eight years to complete
    Available in your choice of Online Multimedia Edition OR 2-Volume Hardcover Color Edition (or both!)

    Almost 5,000 entries from 160+ canonical sources
    For the first time ever, the whole canon of Babylon 5 has been assembled into a single document. You will be shocked at how much you don’t know about the Babylon 5 Universe.

    Trim Size: 8.5 x 11 inches. These books are heavy and this was the best size to keep the weight evenly distributed for extended reading.

    800+ pages
    Premium 70# paper
    Full, four-color printing
    USA-based printer

    There’s a link on the page allowing you to read the entire entry for Marcus, and it’s lovely and detailed until the last paragraph, which goes into a side story from one of the comics or novels, and reads like the worst fanfic ever. The story described may be from an officially licensed source that JMS considers to be canonical, but I wish they’d stuck to the rule of thumb for the also-recently-republished-in-two-hardback-volumes Star Trek Encyclopedia: stick to what happened on TV.

    B5books was established to print a line of script books which were really interesting reading, but since that range of books ended, their offerings since have felt more and more like fan-fleecing, especially at the prices in question.

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