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    This show might actually be worth checking out. Do I think it’ll last? Aw hell no. Just too stylized, and it depends on you swallowing an Iron Sky-style conceit (that America followed the Mercury program up with a lavish multi-generational starship before bumbling along to Gemini – that’s about as plausible as a Nazi moonbase, right?). But I’ll sign on for what’s certain to be a limited tour of duty. [LINK]

    Hey, we had to use the terminal set from “Pan Am” for something.

    Loosely based around the actual atomic-powered spacecraft of Project Orion, the 6-hour miniseries (and likely ongoing series) is about a covert craft that was launched by the U.S. in Kennedy-era 1963. The U.S.S. Ascension was to carry the smartest men, women and children to populate a new world, and 50 years into the journey, a mysterious murder — the first on board — takes place.

    Premiering Dec. 15 at 9 p.m., and airing over three nights, Ascension is a big-idea kind of show, and the return of [Tricia] Helfer to the network makes it feel like this could be Syfy’s next BSG.

    The world on the ship is a small microcosm of what U.S. society looked like in the early ’60s, with the intention of preserving that.

    “I’m very excited about the concept of this show, and the parallel society, not influenced in any way by what’s happened on Earth in 50 years. We don’t know John Kennedy got shot, we don’t about know the civil rights movement or women’s lib; our input from Earth stopped in 1963.”

    Some of the other threads the series follows: A ground government is tracking the starship, and the craft is nearly at the point where they won’t be able to turn around and head back to Earth. In conjunction with the first murder on board, people are starting to panic.

    These poor bastards, they’ve missed the entirety of Doctor Who! Could be fun, and I can see potential for it to do some meaty sociopolitical commentary a la Star Trek, though the producers will have to have balls of titanium to really do such recent issues justice.

    And I’ve been saying for years that someone needs to remake The Starlost anyway.

    I’m amused, also, by how everyone’s still trying to hump Mad Men’s leg. I keep waiting for someone to come up with “a cross between Mad Men and Breaking Bad!” – they’re easily the two most influential cable shows of recent years, so someone might as well admit this is what they want to do.

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    I might make a swing at watching this, but it doesn’t hold that much appeal for me since SyFy will cancel it, no matter what.

    Incidentally, I still have yet to watch my copy of Iron Sky. It seemed like a good idea at the store, and I pretty much lost interest in it by the time I got home. Another to go onto the “one of these days…” pile.


    So, curious… did anyone else watch this? It turned out to be a nice little head trip, though not one that hasn’t been done before half a dozen times in prose.

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    I read the episode reviews on io9, but I never bothered watching it. SyFy has destroyed any goodwill I’ve ever had for the network, I just can’t get myself to pay attention anymore.

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    Seen it. It was OK but I wasn’t blown away. Mostly because, by the time the first show aired, I had already read the complete Wool series and am familiar with the this kind of mind-f*** genre.

    Besides the science in this show does not hold up to any close examination. Regardless of the fuel they were using to propel the “spaceship” (they mentioned the Orion project so that means atomic explosions) it would not be long before the ship reaches its maximum velocity and it will stop accelerating. That means the ship will experience zero-G throughout the majority of its flight. The residents of the ship would figure that one out quick if they studied even a little bit of high school physics. These are supposed to be the nation’s brightest so they would have figured that out a long time ago.

    I could go on but the point is, for me to truly accept the premise of the show, I would have to swallow the blue pill. I’m not the blue pill kinda of guy. I watched the show, but only to see where it was going. As far as I am concerned, the show petered out not too long before the mini-series ended. They would have to ramp it up quite a bit for me to watch it through. At this point I don’t care who killed Laura Palmer (or whatever her name was). It stopped being about her the moment they drew back the curtains for a brief moment.

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