An all-sci-fi kids’ block: doable or not?

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    Is this even doable?

    As has been discussed elsewhere on the forums, Syfy was planning to do a block of kids’ programming, an idea they quickly jettisoned. The only show acquired for that block, the Aussie-made K-9 spinoff series, is being burned off in its entirety during a Christmas day marathon.

    But could someone actually do an all-genre kids’ block? It’s possible, but man, it’d become dated very quickly. You’d have to reel in some pretty old stuff.

    Sarah Jane Adventures
    Wizards vs. Aliens
    Tron Uprising
    Clone Wars (violence an issue? – this is aired in prime time, not at breakfast time)

    Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command

    Space Cases (thanks Steve W for reminding me of this show, created by Peter David no less)
    Century Falls (RTD early ’90s series – very creepy, would probably be considered unsuitable these days)
    Dark Season (RTD early ’90s series – very dated)
    Land Of The Lost (’90s remake – not terrible but still dated)
    Highlander: TAS (just not a very good show)
    Power Rangers (probably not cheap to syndicate – still popular – Disney owns rights now)

    Tomorrow People (remake)
    Children Of The Dog Star (TV NZ series – very dated)
    Under The Mountain (TV NZ series – very dated)
    The Tripods (BBC – skews more toward teen audience)
    Chocky (BBC – very dated)
    Star Blazers (violence? – might be considered unsuitable these days)
    Dungeons & Dragons animated
    Captain Power (violence? – “interactive” segments as horribly dated)

    Children Of The Stones (UK series – would probably be considered unsuitable these days)
    Land Of The Lost (very dated)
    Space Academy / Jason Of Star Command (very dated)
    Ark II (very dated)
    Shazam / Isis (very dated)
    Battle Of The Planets (dated / violence?)
    Star Trek: TAS
    Return To The Planet Of The Apes

    There’s lots of stuff out there, but there’s a grave risk of programming it like a nostalgia channel that doesn’t really speak to kids. There are undoubtedly lots of blazingly obvious shows I’m forgetting too (and to a certain extent, I’m leaving anime off the menu).

    Steve WSteve W
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    So, how adult is the new Space Battleship Yamato series? Do you think it could be edited like the original to make it more kid-friendly?

    It’s strange to think that back in the day, they took adult themed dramas and edited out the bad parts and put them on US television right after school let out. And they thought that was alright because they were animated, and as everybody in our country knows, anything animated automatically means it’s for kids. Just rename it Starblazers, redub it and cut out all the anti-American sentiments and also the bits where IQ-9 was always trying to look up Nova’s skirt, and you’ve got a winner. Shows like Macross and Gatchaman were pretty dark, and they still thought it was appropriate because kids love spaceships and ‘splosions.

    Anyhoo, back to the topic. Does the Sci-Fi Channel still have the rights to the Sarah Jane Adventures, or has that gone to BBC America? And there’s got to be some other shows coming out of Australia, I think there was one about some girl who was really an alien, there was another one called H2O about some girls who went into a mysterious pool of water and then could turn into mermaids (the pilot was free on iTunes years back so I downloaded it, watched part of it until I realized I was looking at underage girls in swimsuits, got thoroughly creeped out and deleted it, but with iTunes 11’s “upgrade” I can now see every show I’ve ever downloaded, that show on the list and it still fills me with a little shame). Maybe Sci-Fi was considering making some children’s programming of its own. Do they own the old Stargate studio buildings or was that a production company thing?

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