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    So, I wanted to try out Yorkshire Pudding after hearing it referenced on TV, and there’s a store in Grapevine called The British Emporium that’s all imported English groceries, and their site said they sold it. Well, they were out of Yorkshire Pudding, but they did have loads of Doctor Who merchandise. DVDs, figures, a few shirts, that sort of thing. I saw this sitting on top of their appropriately decorated freezer unit. It was pretty crowded today, too – I’ll have to go back some other time, during a weekday when I can actually move around the place.

    Everything was pretty overpriced, considering the expense of transporting frozen Bangers and Mash over from the UK to Texas. I’ll have to go back again, since there were so many other things I’d love to try out there. I just found it funny that in the British Emporium store that just like every store you go into in Texas, there’s a disinterested American teenager at the register.

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