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    Gentlemen, you’d better hold me back. I think I’m in love. [LINK]

    Crooked Dice publishes an RPG-with-miniatures system called “7TV” that revolves around the kinds of characters and situations you find in cult TV shows. Everything is given… a slightly different, copyright-dodging name.

    This takes me back to the glory days of FASA, back when they were simultaneously publishing the Star Trek and Doctor Who RPGs, and with a minimum of adaptation, you could intermix the two universes (and my circle of friends back then most definitely did). Everything’s in the same universe. There’s even a module to add zombies to the universe. There are also 25mm metal miniatures – so many glorious, glorious, slightly-oddly-named miniatures. Behold…

    “Tweedy Mattington” and associates…

    “Future Freedom Fighters” and their adversaries…

    “Tough Detectives” (who may, or may not, have contemplated life on Mars)…

    “Simian Minions”…

    Crewmembers of an unspecified moonbase…

    A fellow who has a number but no name…

    “Scary Statues”…

    Even their “7TV” logo is a throwback… to an absorbed-into-ITV Midlands-and-the-West broadcast chain called HTV.

    And that’s not even the characters derived from the Gerry Anderson puppet series or UFO, or “The 7th Voyage of Sinbad”. If they cared to add some Red Dwarf characters, maybe Robin of Sherwood, Hitchhiker’s Guide, The Tripods… hell, as soon as the new Doctor’s clothing is decided, I’ll be disappointed if there’s not a “Prime Minister’s Political Bulldog Who Happens To Be Wearing Period Clothing.”

    No, I don’t know how they manage not to get sued (in England!) either.

    My question is not “Do I throw money at collecting this stuff?” but “How soon do I throw money at collecting this stuff?” My old FASA miniatures of the first six Doctors are getting lonely. I wonder how long before they add Captain Grumpy? The items are not cheap for the size, but it sure looks like a lot of fun. I wish I was better at painting stuff that small (I never, ever was). Might be worthwhile.


    Been about a year since I checked in on these guys… and wow, are they getting bold.

    Paranormal Exterminators…

    …and the subjects of their investigations…

    “Melody Rivers” and Mr. Williams

    Practitioners of the old ultraviolence

    These captors look like they’re going to go Number Two all over their prisoner.

    “Vortex Adventurers”

    “Chronal Commandos”

    …and the first actually-properly-licensed characters…

    …from the Australian spy spoof series Danger Five.

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    Steve W
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    I’m genuinely upset that I didn’t see this thread the first time you posted it. I’m impressed with it for two reasons; first, it’s insanely imaginative in letting people mix different universes together, although I wonder how The Prisoner and Planet of the Apes might mix together well. Second, I’m shocked they haven’t been sued for using the actor’s likenesses, even though in miniature form and sculpted in metal, their faces are just blobby enough to be able to get away with it. I also don’t see any Dalek wannabees there, I’m guessing they’re a little too concerned with litigation to mess with that.

    I’m guessing the actor who played the Time Lord General in Day of the Doctor is both happy and sad about the Chronal Commandoes. Happy because, a rarity in an actor’s life (especially later in your career), you get an action figure or a figurine made after you. Sad because it’s a generalization of his character and doesn’t look that much like him, and so therefore he doesn’t get a penny from his sort-of likeness being used.

    I need to check out Danger Five at some point. It’s supposed to be pretty good, I just haven’t gotten around to it. I’ve got so many other shows I’d like to get into stacked up but honestly I don’t have much desire to watch TV anymore. How long will that first season DVD set of Mad Men sit on my shelf still shrinkwrapped? It doesn’t help that I don’t have a DVD player handy anymore, neither my desktop or laptop computer came with an optical drive.


    Danger Five is a lot of fun; it’s only on season 2 (six episodes per season) so it’s not as if you’re far behind. Also, it’s a spoof, so it gives not a single crap for any kind of continuity internally; you can jump on and off the train as you like without hurting your understanding of the show.

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