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    Underground Toys is going to flood the US market with new exclusives… well, not so new if you’ve been watching what the UK market has gotten over the past several years that sold out before making it to our shores.

    EDIT: I should note that these are in the “old” 5″ scale, as originally released in the UK.

    Doctor Who: Classic Dalek Collector Set # 2 will be available this June in North America!

    This set includes three Daleks from three classic episodes! The second in the series of collectors Dalek 3-packs brings you only the very best that Skaro has to offer. This great pack includes a Saucer Pilot Dalek from ‘Dalek Invasion of Earth’ (1964), an Emperor’s Guard Dalek from ‘Evil of the Daleks’ (1967) and Supreme Dalek from ‘Day of the Daleks’ (1972) all ready to bother Jon Pertwee. All three Daleks are part of the Doctor Who classic toy line and are available in limited quantities as part of this great collectors set.

    The Doctor Who: Cyberman Age of Steel 3 Figure Pack hits North America this June:

    Sample the long history of the Cybermen, the other great nemeses of the Doctor, with the Age of Steel set. This fantastic set collects 3 of their steely “upgrades” from the early adventures of the Doctor.

    1 Cyberman figure from (The Tenth Planet).
    1 Cyberman figure from (Tomb of the Cybermen).
    1 Cyberman figure from (The Invasion).

    They’re also going to reintroduce figures of all eleven Doctors… but there’s a catch. Instead of doing something reasonable like bringing back the box set of all eleven, you’ll have to pick up each one individually… with a Dalek from that Doctor’s respective era.

    Maybe this thread wasn’t too far off after all. 😳


    And this year’s San Diego Comic Con exclusive:

    There’s another SDCC exclusive that interests me – an old-school metal lunchbox with some of the cover art pieces from the Doctor Who/Star Trek TNG crossover comic.


    Just when you thought you’d missed the “Eleven Doctors” box set… here it comes again, except much more expensively because each Doctor comes paired with an appropriate Dalek. The average US prices I’m seeing for these, even online, is in the neighborhood of $35. As such, only one of the sets has really grabbed my interest, and even then the price gives me pause.

    First Doctor with Daleks’ Masterplan Dalek

    Second Doctor with Evil of the Daleks Dalek

    Third Doctor with semi-transparent Planet Of The Daleks Dalek

    Fourth Doctor with disarmed Genesis Of The Daleks Dalek

    (picture not available)
    Fifth Doctor with Resurrection Dalek

    Sixth Doctor with Revelation Dalek

    Seventh Doctor with Remembrance Dalek

    Eighth Doctor with Children Of The Revolution Dalek
    (Dalek with a bright paint job reminiscent of the Cushing movies + an interesting costume color variant of McGann + both based on DWM’s comics = I’ll consider it if I can find it reasonably cheap.)

    Ninth Doctor with Parting Of The Ways Dalek
    (There was a Dalek that had this paint job in that episode?)

    Tenth Doctor with Stolen Earth Crucible Dalek

    Eleventh Doctor with Asylum Dalek

    I might consider the McGann/red Dalek combo if it drops below, say, $25. If someone did a buy-one-get-one-free deal, my second choice would probably be Pertwee; that’s a fairly unique “look” for both him and his Dalek.

    In the meantime, the two Pertwee-era figure sets I’d really like to get – the Claws of Axos and Daemons sets – have been delayed until next year. Someone somewhere decided that all of the anniversary year releases needed to be either the Doctor and/or a major enemy; Bok and an Axon just ain’t gonna cut it until 2014 when I guess it’s okay to be obscure again.

    And of course, we’ll never get Hurt or Capaldi in the 5″ scale. grumble

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