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    It can’t have escaped anyone’s notice that, ever since the release of Capaldi, “Time War” McGann, and Missy in figure form, Character Options and Underground Toys have both gone completely silent on the subject of further action figures.

    The fans aren’t having it. There’s a thread – actually a few months old – on doctorwhotoys.net, offering 3-D printing templates for jointed, articulated characters never produced by CO or UT.

    New Who Revue

    This includes creatures such as Yeti, Zarbi, Quarks and Alpha Centauri (same one who appeared at the end of one of last year’s episodes), as well as props such as a Dalek hoverbout (a holdover from the ’60s comics which was later canonized), the Hand of Omega (yes, another Ultimate Weapon for the War Doctor to steal!), and a guitar for Capaldi. The designer is even making allowances for people to LED-light some of the printed items.

    I always figured we’d get to this point with Star Wars first, that there’d be a torrent with 3-D scans of the original Kenner figures that would enrage the collectors’ market. Frankly, I’m even happier to see it start here.

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