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    A lot of these photos are from Instagram and Twitter and they’re not mine – just stating that up front.

    Conspicuous by its absence from Funko’s lineup was any mention of a second wave of Batman ’66 3.75″ figures, which were a highlight of my 2017 toy collecting. I guess maybe the trail’s a little too cold on those? Very sad. Funko has picked up some interesting new licenses though…

    Ready Player One

    Stephen King’s It (figures probably will not float down here or anywhere else)

    However, the real treat is that Funko’s former partners and now rivals, Super7/ReAction, have gone absolutely batshit crazy acquiring licenses for Kenner-Star-Wars-scale figures…resulting in some ranges that I am anticipating more than anything Funko’s doing this year.

    Planet Of The Apes
    My god, look at them. They’re glorious, and they’re not all from just the first movie! No indication that this line will take in any of the modern Apes movies…and that’s fine by me. Will I bother with the human characters? Probably not! The packaging is gorgeous. This has just become my most anticipated new toy line of the year.

    Universal Monsters
    These are newly packaged versions – and new sculpts – of classic Universal horror characters that ReAction had done before, but the new packaging is awesome, and HOLY COW, IT’S A 3.75″ METALUNA MUTANT!! Be still my heart! Think of all the hell he’s going to give the Apes. And the Rebel Alliance. And Batman.

    Pee Wee’s Playhouse
    While there were monochrome prototypes of the Universal Monsters, there were placeholder cardbacks for this line. Pee Wee and Chairy are definitely featured.

    More Masters Of The Universe
    I wouldn’t really care, except…ORKO!

    Coming Attractions
    I did mention ReAction is going nuts grabbing licenses, right? Check these out. Breakin’? Seriously? 😀
    Coming soon

    But that’s nothing compared to one of the wackiest action figure licenses I’ve ever seen… Legends of Lucha Libre. You, too, can now have Strong Bad in a business suit.

    Or how about the arcade game Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins?

    Hang on, just got a phone call…oh, awesome, ReAction’s going to do Legends of Podcasting figures. (Okay, just kidding, but what haven’t they done?)

    Things I’d like to see ReAction do: 2001/2010, MST3K, Last Starfighter.

    This is gonna be an expensive year…uh…y’all know what to get me for Christmas. 😆

    Steve W
    Steve W
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    Was there ever, at any point in history, a market for action figures based on the ’80s movie Breakin’? Does not compute.

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    If you thought all of that was nuts, I present to you now the most unlikely figure license ever. Because Breakin’ was mainstream compared to this. And you can pre-order it now. [LINK]

    Laser critter

    Ripped from the minds of Full Moon founder Charles Band and stop motion special effects legend David Allen comes this mini-replica of the space-exploring alien from Band’s 1978 sci-fi classic Laserblast! This long-necked, legendary beastie ends up on Earth to track down a piece of galactic technology that has turned a lonely teen into a green-skinned lunatic and now he can be yours! Full Moon Collectibles is proud to present this beautiful Laserblast Alien collectable figure, intricately-sculpted, from the popular 1975 Sci-Fi classic. Each figure is hand-painted and produced to match the infamous on-screen alien. Made of resin plastic and stands approximately 2 ½” tall, wearing his infamous space boots and gloves, and displayed in a gorgeous blister pack.

    Surely MST3K action figures can’t be far off, including “Mike as Captain Janeway” from Laserblast.
    MST3K does Laserblast

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