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    Announced at Treklanta over the weekend…

    Best Special & Visual Effects – Star Trek: Renegades
    Best Sound Design, Editing & Mixing – Star Trek: Renegades
    Best Original Music – Star Trek Continues: “The White Iris”
    Best Makeup & Hairstyling – Star Trek: Renegades
    Best Costuming – Star Trek: Renegades
    Best Production Design – Star Trek: Renegades
    Best Guest Actor/Actress – Colin Baker as Amphidamas, Star Trek Continues: “The White Iris”
    Best Supporting Actor/Actress – Michelle Specht as Dr. McKennah, Star Trek Continues
    Best Lead Actor/Actress – Todd Haberkorn as Mr. Spock, Star Trek continues
    Best Director – Tim Russ, Star Trek: Renegades
    Best Original Story or Screenplay – Ethan H. Calk, Sky Douglas Conway & Jack Trevino, Star Trek: Renegades
    Best Dramatic Presentation, Shortform – Starship Tristan: “Moving Day”
    Best Dramatic Presentation, Longform – Star Trek Continues: “The White Iris”

    John & Bjo Trimble presented one of the awards.

    I have to take issue with the music award. I’ve got nothin’ but love for STC, but they credit both their house composer (Andy Farber) and the original series composers whose work they used…but where is the tipping point at which it’s “their” music and not the original series’ music?

    Pretty good year…for Renegades and STC.

    Steve W
    Steve W
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    And honestly, Renegades wasn’t even that good. The special effects were below 12 year old SyFy Channel Original movies. The one good thing was that they were able to get some original actors from the shows and other good sci-fi pedigreed actors (Sean Young for example). I don’t remember any of the plot at all, so that aspect of it didn’t leave any impression on me at all. I appreciate their efforts and their drive to make these films, it’s just that they’re so… fan-ficcy. They don’t always feel professionally written – nobody’s going to end up with a staff job on the new Trek series based on these scripts.

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