2014 SDCC exclusives

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    This year’s SDCC exclusives are a three-headed Doctor – which may be the only 5″ Capaldi we get:

    …and a variant Ace, this time from Silver Nemesis, complete with framed picture and Cyberman-jamming boom box:

    As always, a lot of noise is being made about how this is the end of the 5″ figures. Sorta like what we heard before we got John Hurt.

    I suppose that the 5″ figures have got to be Character Options’ equivalent of the Atari 2600. They’re trying to achieve escape velocity with a new product – smaller figures, or the 5200 – and yet the old range is this elephant in the room whose fans are pretty vocal about continued support.

    Apparently the 3 3/4″ “Star Wars scale” figures aren’t exactly leaving the shelves in record numbers either. They have been very slow to introduce new ones when the first wave is still weighing down the store pegs.


    Oh wait – they zinged us with one more 5″ set:

    I’m slightly irked that they picked such an episode-specific outfit for Clara (not that it looked bad on her!), and as for the choice of accessories… well, you know, that’s all she does on the show is bake souffles*.

    I really dig the Matt-in-hat Doctor, though, so I suppose I’m in. Now that they’ve revealed that they have a sculpt of Jenna Coleman, I’m sure this’ll be the first of many Claras. Since they’ve also tipped their hand that they have a Capaldi head sculpt, I strongly suspect we’ll have a 12th-Doctor-in-proper-outfit figure with another, somewhat more typical Clara around the beginning of the year.

    Now I wonder when we’re going to get “Night of the Doctor” McGann. Surely they didn’t do that head sculpt just to add to the John Hurt figure.

    * and save the universe repeatedly

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    They have those action figures where you can pay somebody to do a 3D scan of your head and body and print out a completely realistic looking miniature version of yourself. When will some of these companies start doing 3D scans as well so these figures don’t look so terrible? Well, a lot of it has to do with the assembly line paint jobs, but still. Poor Ace looks like she was stung by a bee and swelled up. And then she put on a bad wig.


    I don’t need a 3-D model of myself; the sheer amount of plastic/resin/whatever that it would take to recreate my midsection would make it economically unfeasible. 😕

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