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TRON: The Read-Along Storybook

It was late at night, but computer programmer Alan Bradley was still hard at work at his computer keyboard.   "It's like someone or something is trying to keep me out of the computer system!   Come to think of it, it's been that way since Dillinger took over the company."

That very night, Alan was called into his boss's office.   "Mr. Dillinger, my Tron program is vital. It protects the entire system from illegal activity. But that Master Control Program - that MCP has me shut out!"

"Relax, Alan.   The MCP is just checking a security leak.   I'm sure Tron will be back on the job soon."

After Alan left, the MCP's metallic voice boomed through the executive's office.   "I am so very disappointed in you, Dillinger.   We can't have this Tron program spying on me.   I'm planning to break into the Air Force computers soon."

"The Air Force?"

"Just do as I tell you.   Keep Tron out.   End of line, Dillinger."

In the laser lab downstairs, Alan's girlfriend, Lora, was conducting an experiment.   With the push of a button, a laser beam shot across the room, hitting its target, a common orange.   The fruit glowed briefly, then disappeared!

"Nice trick, Lora," said Alan as he entered the lab.

The pretty young scientist smiled.   "The laser scans the object, breaks down the molecules and stores them digitally.   I can pull the orange out of the computer whenever I want."

"I wish you could do the same for my Tron program."

"Hmm...I may not be able to, Alan.   But Flynn could!"

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Tron ©1982 by Walt Disney Studios

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