Kvant stop now: Mir grows again

Mir / KvantThe Soviet Union launches the third Mir space station module, Kvant-2, to rendezvous and dock with Mir under automated control. With an airlock to make spacewalks easier, and additional living space and life support, Kvant also includes bathing facilities, water storage and reclamation systems (including a system to collect, detoxify and recycle human urine), and additional scientific equipment.

Tales From The New Twilight Zone

Tales From The New Twilight ZoneBantam Books publishes the short story collection Tales From The New Twilight Zone by J. Michael Straczynski (story editor and frequent writer of the ’80s iteration of the series). Adapting several of his own scripts from the series into short stories, as well as the posthumously-produced Rod Serling-penned script Our Selena Is Dying, Straczynski also offers insights into the making of the series and the stories behind each storyline presented. Much of this material is later reprinted in another compilation, Straczynski Unplugged.

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Doctor Who: Survival, Part 3

Doctor WhoThe 697th episode of Doctor Who airs on BBC1. Julian Holloway guest stars; Anthony Ainley makes his final appearance as the Master in the original series. This is the final episode of the original Doctor Who series, as the BBC quietly keeps the show off the schedule without making an announcement of the series’ cancellation. Doctor Who returns – with Sylvester McCoy briefly reprising his role – as a one-off TV movie in 1996, and then goes dormant again until revived in 2005.

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